Real History


REAL HISTORY is a series of videos, some by the staff of the Academy and some courtesy of Prager University and Others, expounding on persons and events. The videos reveal something of the REAL Character of the individuals and the Real History of a particular event as far as the providers have been able to ascertain them.

currently available:

Young Children – Prager U, “Otto’s Tales”

Otto’s Tales: Join Prager U’s favorite bulldog, Otto, for a sweet story time that celebrates the American values of truth, freedom, responsibility, hard work, equality under God and more
The Emperor's New Clothes - Speaking Truth
The National Anthem & the Pledge of Allegiance
Ten Steps to Freedom
Today Is Columbus Day
September 11th
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Truth, Lies, Fire, and Water
The Little Red Hen
King Alfred and the Cakes
From Sea to Shining Sea
George and the Cherry Tree
Paloma Wants to Be Lady Freedom

Mid-Elementary & Up – Prager U, “Leo & Layla’s History Adventures”

Adam Smith
Paul Revere
Frederick Douglas
Neil Armstrong
President Reagan

Age 10 & Up – Prager U, “To Be Honest” History

The Scientific Revolution
The American Revolution, Pt 1
The American Revolution, Pt 2

All Ages – Ascent Advantage Academy – “Miracles in American History”

Miracles in American History – Resources

I Could Feel His Hand Upon Me” – Columbus

other videos of interest:

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