Real History

Real History

“REAL HISTORY is a series of videos by the Persona “John” and the staff of the Academy expounding on persons and events.
The videos reveal the Real Character of the individuals and the Real History of a particular event.

Planned videos:

1) John expounds on the beginnings of US History – Pilgrims and Puritans.

2) John expounds on some of the Miracles of the Revolution

3) John expounds on the need for and the Miracle of the US Constitution

4) John on Columbus, for Real!

5) In the Beginning…for Real!

6) The Invention that Made America Possible.

7) George Washington

8) Benjamin Franklin

9) Thomas Jefferson

10) Founding Fathers

11) Miracles of American History I

12) Miracles of American History II

13) Miracles of American History III

14) Miracles of American History IV

15) Joan of Arc

16) Sojourner Truth

17) Harriet Tubman

18) Rosa Parks

and More.

We will produce and release one or more videos per month.”

Earn College Credit

Those who have earned their GED may enroll in an Advanced Learning Level and may earn College Credit for their courses.

Miracles in American History – Resources

I Could Feel His Hand Upon Me” – Columbus

An example of the eye-opening and testimony-building history we teach…GOD in ANCIENT CHINA

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