Third Grade History – Semester 1: World History – The Beginning to about 2000BC

Available Fall, 2023 with Videos, PDFS, Readings, Activities, and Simulations.

Semester 1 – Let’s Talk REAL HISTORY: World History 1 – The First 2,000 Years (Approximately 4,000 to 2,000 BC)
– Covers from the Grand Council in Heaven through the Flood, Division of the land during the time of Peleg, and the Dispersion of humankind at the Tower of Babel.
– Includes a study of Creation; The Fall; the Life of Adam and Eve; Adam-ondi-Ahman; the First 10 Patriarchs; the advancement or decline of a civilization; tenets of the City of Zion; safety in believing and doing; the Flood; Landing of the Ark and ancient evidence thereof; Armenia and Anatolia; plus the River Colonies; Priesthood Colonies; and more through the Tower of Babel and additional Priesthood colonies in China and America.