Fourth Grade Geography – Geography 400: Introduction into The World

Old Style 40 weeks
Objective: To familiarize the student with landforms on the various continents as well as the countries inhabiting them.


National Geographic Kids Beginner’s World Atlas & The Complete Book of Maps & Geography – Both from past courses,

The National Geographic Kids World Atlas, new at amazon for $11.99

Tracing paper and map-making paper, colored pencils, viewbinder, notebook paper & 15 sheet protectors for World Geography Binder.

Access to Geography Games:; htpps://; https://www.setrra,com/#quizzes

Course Format:

Maps & Mapping
1 – Upping our knowledge of world maps via the Complete Book of Maps & Geography.
2 – Re-creation of Physical and Political Maps ala the National Geographic Kids World Atlas.
3-3 Playing of selected games to ingrain knowledge of the physical and political characteristics of the landscapes.

More About the Earth
1 – Using the National Geographic Kids World Atlas, learn more about Atlases and Maps; earth in Space; the Physical World and the Political Worlds.

Continents and Countries
1- Using the National Geographic Kids World Atlas, Sheppard software, Seterra, and World Geography Games, plus youtube videos, to learn more about the physical and political geography and countries o the respective continents.

The Ending Feature of this course is a Six week long WORLD TOUR involving reading, watching the videos, and noting the information for your World Geography Binder.