Theater 1 – (K-4/5) Play-Acting, Bible Stories, and Animal Monkeys

Coming September-October

PDF, Books, and Video

This course serves the 3 year old crowd, as well as 4 and 5 year old students.

It requires the book Acting Like and Animal which retails for $19.95 through amazon. It was written by a doctor to help kids to get exercising.

Kids learn how to imitate several various animals as they make yoga moves.

In addition, they learn how to imitate other animals through various youtube videos. This all helps them ‘get into character’ and not be self-conscious.

Also, each week, a Scripture story is picked to act-out. The student chooses the character he will portray and other family members and friends are invited to fill-in the rest of the cast. Someone can read the story and just have others act it out, or dialogue may be added. It is really up to the Director – Mom, Dad, or Big Brother or Big Sister, etc.

This is much fun for little folk. T they learn yoga moves. The course gets them ready for acting for real, and also instills the scripture stories in a way no other activity can.
A triple win.

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