The Third Year 2-3

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It suggests several practices to assist in the mental and physical development of the 2 to 3 year old child.

It requires the purchase of two books.

Slow and Steady – a world renowned work – that covers the first five years of life and supplies activities to help with the young child’s development. to quote the boook description:

“Since children don’t come with directions, a retired kindergarten teacher with over 25 years of experience wrote this how-to manual which bridges the gap between home & school. It is a money-saving preschool resource which informs parents & caregivers as to what they could & should be doing to teach basic readiness skills that are necessary for a child to achieve success in school. This 344-page developmental handbook clearly describes 260 weekly learning activities, each of which is based on a different concept. These activities require only materials usually found in the home, thereby providing 5 years of free toys! An activity is provided for each week of the child’s life from birth to age 5. Activity guides are written in language that is easy to understand & include statements of the ways in which the activity promotes growth in different areas of development. The third printing now includes “”Tips for Solving Behavioral Dilemmas””. This handbook informs parents WHEN, HOW, & WHAT skills it develops for children from birth to age 5.”

The volume is available on amazon for $19.74 new; $2.51 used.

A second volume recommended for the course is: The Mozart Effect for Children. It is a fascinating read and is used throughout the first years. The volume is available at amazon for $14.75 new; $1.50 used.

Several other resources are also recommended.