Success Skills courses were developed over the years to tune youth into the skills that lead to success.

The courses are extremely worthwhile. We encourage everyone to take advantage of them.

There are courses at all levels Preschool or Kindergarten through 12.

All are currently available. Mostly PDF, Most have Video elements. Check them out.
Course Listing – Descriptions follow after this listing.

0 – K4 – Success Skills – 36 Weeks of Daily Habits – ALL On
1 – Learning By the Spirit, 5 Basic Habits, Reading Club – 6 Lessons – ALL ON
2 – Beehive Brain Box Learning System & the 7 Habits of Healthy Kids – 13 Lessons – All ON
3 – The Knowledge Journal, SQ3R, Self-Teaching & the Children’s Book of Virtues – All
4 – Reprise of Basics, Brain Healthy Habits, The Way to Be – 36 Weeks – ON
5 – Latter-Day Saints At Rising & You Have A Brain – 36 Weeks – ALL On
6 – Limitless – All On
7 – Healthy Foundations & Study Tips – All On
8 – Introduction to the Principles of Genius – All On
9 – Making A Difference – Standing For Something – ALL ON
10 – Aspiring Higher I – Jonathan Livingston Seagull – 9 Week Course – ALL ON
11 – Aspiring Higher II – Accomplishing the Impossible – 36 Weeks – ALL ON
12 – Aspiring Higher III – Keeping Covenants – 36 Weeks – ALL ON


0 – K4 – Success Skills – 36 Weeks of Daily Habits – ALL On
This is a 36 week long course and may be extended further if the parent desires.
It teaches several Life Style Success Habits in the areas of religious practice, manners, health, cleanliness, and personal responsibility.
These are simple things, but habits that will, if assimilated now into the child’s daily routine, will pay big dividends in his future.

1 – Learning By the Spirit, 5 Basic Habits, Reading Club – 6 Lessons – ALL ON

This course tells about two children who asked Heavenly Father for help with their learning and received it.

This group of 3 lessons also includes the Prayer Chain Project and includes the template for the links for the chain. The Prayer Chain Project encourages the child to remember to pray at the beginning of his studies, in the middle as he meets with problems or difficulties, and at the end, remembering to give thanks. It has been a favorite of our parents and students.

Parents and Instructors, as well as students, who have applied the principles of this course in their lives have been blessed with greater success in their endeavors.

Now Available – Video & PDF

Several years ago the Church commissioned a study to find out what kept young people active in the Church through their teen and young adult years. The answer came back: Personal Prayer and Scripture Study. That, along with President Monson’s call for service, inspired the 5 Basic Habits.

In the course, children are asked to form the habits of saying their personal prayers in the morning, reading from the Book of Mormon and one other scripture a daily, performing an act of service daily, and saying their personal prayers, again, in the evening.

Colorful, Weekly 5 Habits Charts are available via PDF for children to check-off or fill-in and then archive in a binder or file. These can be quite a treasure and reinforcement for continuing to be and do good.


This mini course starts the child on a lifelong adventure of reading and learning.

The requirements increase as the child matures in his reading ability.

It is based on the teachings of Apostle John A. Widstoe who advocated the adult population of the Church read 30 minute a day.
He stated that by this means one could gain as good an education (if not better) as those who have college degrees.

2 – Beehive Brain Box Learning System & the 7 Habits of Healthy Kids – 13 Lessons – All ON

The Beehive Brain Box Learning System is best utilized at the beginning of the year, for the parent, to implement it and for the student at the beginning of the second semester or second year of his education, or, if older, when he comes into the Home School or Online School program.

It is duo purpose course: It teaches the Study and Learning Technique first, to the parent, and then to the student.

It is a relatively short course, requiring two to three weeks, depending upon how fast the parent and student can assimilate it into their routines.

The techniques involved in the Beehive Brain Box Learning System have helped ‘normal’ students exceed, and those with challenges overcome their difficulties.

It includes a one installment PDF, plus a listing of accompanying helpful videos.

2B – Study & Success Skills 2B: The 7 Habits of Happy Kids

This course was developed using Sean Covey’s: The 7 Habits of Happy Kids, a kid-friendly version of his father’s 7 Habits of Highly Successful People. It is available on the internet at various prices, depending upon if you wish new or used and how much you are willing to pay for shipping. Shop around. (See Orientation 2).

The Animals are introduced and each one has his own story, engaging with one of the 7 Habits. Students are encouraged to make their own 7 Habits Tree Poster, (a facsimile is in the back of the book). Students learn the habits one at a time and practice each habit as they learn it for approximately 3-4 weeks. Students are encouraged to continue their 5 Basic Habits as they acquire these also.

2C – Study & Success Skills 1 A: The Assignment Notebook

In this course, students learn to write down their daily assignments, keep track of projects, work with a daily organizer – all within the assignment notebook. NOTE: It does require printing 2-sided printing, flipped on the short edge. If you do NOT have that capability, you can either purchase a daily planner with ample room to write assignments or you can send for a dozen Ascent Advantage Ay Assignment Notebooks at a cost of $18.00 plus shipping. Order through the contact page. Thank you.

3 – The Knowledge Journal, SQ3R, Self-Teaching & the Children’s Book of Virtues – All

The Knowledge Journal you have probably already encountered. If not, it is one of the best study techniques we know. Mrs. K. used it as a high schooler and recently revised it for use in the school.

SQ3R is a study technique we first encountered at BYU in the 1970’s! It has since become quite well-known and popularized. It is a superb way to take notes from a textbook or other reading source, even films, videos, and seminars. The course contains a PDF and two video presentations on the technique.

Self-Teaching is also a technique Mrs. K. used when she was in school, not knowing then how great a technique it really is. If you teach something to someone, you tend to actually learn it very well. Many pathways are involved in the practice presentation thereby increasing memory and recall capability.

Best for upper elementary and up. Takes about a week to grasp, a month or more of actual use and practice to master. Well worth the time invested.

3B – Study & Success Skills: The Children’s Book of Virtues – 33 Weekly Lessons

The Children’s Book of Virtues contains 33 selections of classic and virtue encouraging literature.

Students are encouraged to learn any new vocabulary by defining it in their Knowledge Journals and adding unknown words to the weekly spelling list.

They are also asked to memorize various selections.

– The Children’s Book of Virtues – $14.99
– Composition Book

4 – Reprise of Basics, Brain Healthy Habits, The Way to Be – 36 Weeks – ON
4A: Study & Success Skills Courses 1-3 Recap – 3 Lessons on Video

IF you have not been through courses 1, 2, and 3 in Study Skills – or even if you have, now is a good opportunity to review and re-establish those habits in your life.

4B Study & Success Skills: – Preparing the Instrument – Brain Healthy Habits

Brain Healthy Habits is a 22 lesson course for older elementary students on the habits that optimize brain health and performance.

It is has been PDF only, but powerful, especially when discussed in a family setting and with a Gospel perspective. It was written shortly after attending a seminar on brain health.

Mrs. K, the author of the course, trained and worked for a while as a health coach and has maintained an interest in the field, especially at it pertains to education. Under the new guidelines from the Board of Directors, Mrs. K. will also teach the lessons on video.

4C – Study & Success Skills 4C: The Way to Be – PDF & Video – 11 Weekly Lessons

Course content:
– Learning the 9 B’s
– Being able to define what each means
– Being able to describe what living each of the B’s looks like in your life.

– The Way to Be by Gordon B. Hinckley – $12.29
– Composition Book

5 – Latter-Day Saints At Rising & You Have A Brain – 36 Weeks – ALL On

5A Study & Success Skills 5A: Latter-Day Saints at Rising – Video & PDF – 13 Week Course – HIGHY RECOMMENDED

This course details the rewards and challenges of obeying Doctrine & Covenants 88:124, in part:
“…cease to sleep longer than is needful;
retire to thy bed early,
that ye may not be weary;
arise early,
that your minds and your bodies
might be invigorated.”

Mrs. K. teaches the Morning Routine which includes rising early, praying in gratitude, consulting with Heavenly Father about the day’s activities and then scheduling the day, reading and journaling Scripture reading, journaling the previous day’s activities and outcomes, exercising, getting ready for the day and then independent reading of a book of your choice. She explains the virtues of such a habit and some of the rewards.

What is needed? The grit and and the resolve to be the best you, and the determination and perseverance to accomplish the task.

A truly excellent lifelong habit. Great for Moms and Dad, too.

5B -Study & Success Skills 5B: You Have A Brain – PDF Only – 24 Week Course

– Learn about the fantastic qualities and plasticity of the brain.
– Learn about the life and character of Ben Carson, renowned pediatric brain surgeon, philanthropist and statesman.
– Learn why reading is so important.
– Learn and practice the THINK BIG code.
– Two Summary Essays.

– You Have A Brain by Dr. Ben Carson – Paperback $8.99; Hardback – $22.00
A truly inspiring book, good for ages 8 and up.

6 – Study & Success Skills 6: Limitless – Now Available – PDF & Book

– Limitless by Jim Kwik, $14.99
– Composition Book Knowledge Journal
– Willingness to put the Advice into action.

Mr. Kwik was challenged by a brain injury in early childhood when he hit his head on a radiator in Kindergarten. Later, in his life he sustained another head injury.
However, today, you would never suspect that he ever had any problems. He is a world-renowned brain and learning coach and has taught 1,000s how get the most from their brains.
His book, filled with his own inspiring story, and with many suggested actions we can take to improve our brain performance, is the text for this course.

– Reading of the Lessons.
– Noting the Lessons.
– Applying the Lessons
– Teaching the Lessons

7 – Study & Success Skills 7: More Healthy Foundations & Academic Skills – Now Available – Video & PDF – Full year Course

A course for those who have taken previous courses. Used as a review with some added knowledge and insights.

Also a course for those who have not done previous courses, this course helps to catch you up. However, Courses 5 & 6 are needful if you have not taken them and are coming in at the Junior High or High school level.

– Some Review. Review is good – especially if we have forgotten some rather good habits.
– Expansion of knowledge in being healthy and keeping the brain healthy.
– Expansion in some areas of Academic Study Skills.

8 – Study & Success Skills 8: The Secret Principles of Genius – Available Now – Video, PDF, and Book – 36 Week Course

Course Content:

This book is like “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, which Covey produced after researching what were the common traits of persons who were highly effective.

I.C. Robledo wrote his book after studying numerous smart persons to find-out what habits or trait they had in common that made then exceptionally smart.

Each chapter details a particular trait the Robledo discovered and a few of the smart people who demonstrated that trait in their lives.

The idea is that we can become geniuses, too, by developing the traits of those who are geniuses.

Such is a valid hypothesis as we believe we can become like Christ by following His example.

– The Secret Principles of Genius by I. C. Robledo – $13.99
– Composition Book

9 – Study & Success Skills 9: Making a Difference – Standing for Something – Now Available – Video, PDF & Book – 36 Week Course

Course Content:
– Learn the Vocabulary – President Hinckley used excellent vocabulary. We can learn from him in this regard. Learn the words you do not know – meaning and spelling!
– Journal your thoughts as you read.
– Write synopses of each chapter.
– Answer the questions asked.
– Memorize the Quotes.
– Make a Quote Collage.
– Determine, record and begin Action Steps.
– Continue the Action Steps as they pertain throughout your life.

– Standing for Something – 10 Neglected Virtues That will Heal Our Hearts and Homes by Gordon B. Hinckley
NOTE – We have several used copies in good condition. Ask us if we have anymore. We will put one on Ebay for you. Otherwise, $11.52.
– Composition Book
– Materials for Quote Collage

10 – Study & Success Skills 10: Aspiring Higher I – Jonathan Livingston Seagull – Now available – PDF & Book – 9 Weeks / 9 Lessons

Jonathan Flies higher and higher, with evermore skill and grace. This is a analogy, a parable about us. How are we like or can become like Jonathan? How many of the birds are like Jonathan. Like us?

This course is reading, journaling, re-reading, contemplating, journaling some more and producing in the final analysis: “Likenings.”

– Jonathan Livingston Seagull the Complete Edition by Richard Bach – NEW – $13.49
– Journal (Composition Book)

11- Study & Success Skills 11: Aspiring Higher II – Accomplishing the Impossible
Now Available – PDF & Book – 36 Week Course – 2 to 4 Weeks per Chapter.

Origin: Accomplishing the Impossible: What God Does, What We Do is an inspiring book by President Russell M. Nelson.

In it President Nelson speaks of three goals to be met prior to the Second Coming of the Savior, namely:
– Preaching the Gospel to Every Nations.
– Sealing Our Families Together throughout the Generations
– Becoming More Like Jesus Christ.

He reminds of 1 Nephi 3:7, that God doesn’t ask anything of us but that He makes the way possible for us to accomplish it.

President Nelson continues detailing on what we can count on God to do and we can do to achieve the aforementioned goals.

– The book – Accomplishing the Impossible: What God Does; What We Can Do – $21.99 new, or %,25 & up with $3.99 Shipping, used.
– Composition Journal
– Thoughtful Reading
– Thoughtful Journaling
– Creating Action Steps and beginning to Carry Them Out.

12 – Study & Success Skills 12: Aspiring Higher III – Covenant Keepers – PDF & Book – 36 Week Course – 2 Weeks per Chapter

– Covenant Keepers: Unlock the Miracles God Want for You by Wendy Watson Nelson – $15.99 new; $1.35 & Up, plus $3.99 shipping, used.
– Composition Book Journal

Explore Sister Nelson’s thoughts and seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost in how what she relates pertains to you. By
– Thoughtful Reading
– Thoughtful Journaling
– Creating Action Steps as inspired by each reading assignment.
Catalogue and learn about the blessings of Keeping Covenants.

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