Study & Success Skills 6: Limitless

Study & Success Skills 6: Limitless

Now Available – PDF & Book

– Limitless by Jim Kwik, $14.99
– Composition Book Knowledge Journal
– Willingness to put the Advice into action.

Mr. Kwik was challenged by a brain injury in early childhood when he hit his head on a radiator in Kindergarten. Later, in his life he sustained another head injury.
However, today, you would never suspect that he ever had any problems. He is a world-renowned brain and learning coach and has taught 1,000s how get the most from their brains.
His book, filled with his own inspiring story, and with many suggested actions we can take to improve our brain performance, is the text for this course.

– Reading of the Lessons.
– Noting the Lessons.
– Applying the Lessons
– Teaching the Lessons

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