Study Skills Cards 1-8


Jan. 9-27 – Study Skills Card 1-10

1 – Front: Ways to Learn Back: Study – Faith – Experience

2 – Front: Card Deck Framework Back: Name Card – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – Weekly – I Know These

3 – Front: Where do we first put the cards we make? Back: Behind Number 1

4 – Front: How do we start reviewing the cards? Back: Begin with the cards behind number 1.

5 – Front: If we know the answer to a card behind no. 1, where do we put it? Back: Behind Card No. 2

6 – Front: How often should we review a card deck? Back: At least 2 times a day

7 – Front: When you know the answer to a card you… Back: Advance it behind the next numbered card or Weekly

8 – Front: When you do NOT know the answer to a card you… Back: The card goes back behind No. 1

9 – Front: How many card decks should we have? Back: At least one deck for each subject.

10 – Front: When would you want a second or third deck for a subject? Back: In science and history, you might want one card deck per chapter or unit. In English, you might want one
card deck for grammar, one for vocabulary, one for general information, etc. In math, you might want a deck for math facts, for formulas, for math rules, and for how to go about solving different problems.

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