Study & Success Skills 3A: Knowledge Journals, SQ3R+, and Self-Teaching

Study Skills 3A: Knowledge Journals, SQ3R+, and Self Teaching – 3 Lessons

Now Available – Video & PDF

The Knowledge Journal you have probably already encountered. If not, it is one of the best study techniques we know. Mrs. K. used it as a high schooler and recently revised it for use in the school.

SQ3R is a study technique we first encountered at BYU in the 1970’s! It has since become quite well-known and popularized. It is a superb way to take notes from a textbook or other reading source, even films, videos, and seminars. The course contains a PDF and two video presentations on the technique.

Self-Teaching is also a technique Mrs. K. used when she was in school, not knowing then how great a technique it really is. If you teach something to someone, you tend to actually learn it very well. Many pathways are involved in the practice presentation thereby increasing memory and recall capability.

Best for upper elementary and up. Takes about a week to grasp, a month or more of actual use and practice to master. Well worth the time invested.

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