Study Skills 1 – Foundational Principles


Available August 4, 2020  – Includes both video and PDFs.

This course includes 6 lessons.  It is directed to parents, but the lessons are also suitable for student viewing.

Lessons include:

  1. Learning the the Spirit:  The Stories of Joshua and Mamie  (Includes Prayer Chain Project & Template)
  2. Writing It Down:  The Assignment Notebook  (Includes Template)
  3. What Are Knowledge Keys?  How Do I Use Them?  (Includes Samples and Practice)
  4. Introduction to Forensics  (includes Sample Questions)
  5. The Importance of Opening Devotional and Brain Gym Exercises  (Includes Resources)
  6. The Importance of the Closing Devotional, Gratitude, and Hymn # 153.
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