Study & Success Skills 1B: The 5 Basic Habits

Now Available – Video & PDF

Study & Success Skills 1B – The 5 Basic Habits

Several years ago the Church commissioned a study to find out what kept young people active in the Church through their teen and young adult years. The answer came back: Personal Prayer and Scripture Study. That, along with President Monson’s call for service, inspired the 5 Basic Habits.

In the course, children are asked to form the habits of saying their personal prayers in the morning, reading from the Book of Mormon and one other scripture a daily, performing an act of service daily, and saying their personal prayers in the evening.

Colorful, Weekly 5 Habits Charts are available via PDF for children to check-off or fill-in and then archive in a binder or file. These can be quite a treasure and reinforcement for continuing to be and do good.

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