WORLD LANGUAGES – Spanish 1 – Online as Taught 2022-2023

Alas, after being available for the last 25 years, our choice of an excellent, low-cost Spanish mastery course has been withdrawn from the market by the publishers.

Available Fall, 2022, we will have available a new series of three courses: “FUNCTIONALLY FLUENT SPANISH” live in the Online Academy and in the In-Person St. George Classes.

Homeschool students not enrolled in the Academy can enter the live class, held twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 11:00 Mountain Time, by paying a nominal fee of $40.00 a month. Call for information 435-773-3766.

However, with the text and the online downloads, homeschool students should be able to master the class without attending the Academy.


Materials: “Functionally Fluent! Beginner Spanish Course: First Functions – Learn to DO 50 things in Spanish” by Diana Maria Gruber, is available from amazon for $25.00. In addition to the text, audio online download links are included.

Functions introduced in this course:
Introduce yourself
Ask others questions
Use number 0-20
Talk about jobs and hobbies
Greet others
Exchange phone numbers
Exchange Addresses
Spell words out loud using the Spanish alphabet
Use numbers
Talk about others
Ask questions about others
Describe friends, family, and co-workers
Read about others
Identify and speak about food
Express likes and dislikes
Order food
Go shopping: interact with store employees
Buy things
Describe the house and office
Locate objects and places
Check in at a hotel
Identify places around town
Ask for and give directions
Introduce yourself at length and ask others questions
Keep initial conversations going
Make “small talk”
Speak about yourself and various areas of your life
Write about yourself at length
Speak about groups (plural forms)
Address groups of people
Ask questions about groups
Give details of groups in your life, such as friends and family
Read about others’ friends and family
Identify and speak about common objects
Identify and speak about places around town
Talk about going place (ir)
Ask for and give directions
Speak about permanent characteristics (ser), and locations and feelings (estar)
Tell and ask for the time
Identify and speak about days, months, and seasons
About the weather
Describe weather conditions
Speak about holidays and special occasions
Speak about your present habits and those of others
Speak about customs in different countries
Read and write descriptions, short biographies, and texts about people from different cultures
Use numbers 100-1,000,000
Talk about cause and purpose (por vs. para)

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