Sixth Grade Math – Algebra


New Style Sixth Grade Math – Introduction to Algebra

Requirements: Passing the Assessments that precede this course and the one that says you are ready for it.


1. Video lessons that will begin appearing in August through the end of the school year.
Once they are on, they will be available 24/7 for your use.

2. Composition books to take down class notes and in which to do assignments.

3. Supplies for the Beehive Brain Box Learning System. (See Parent Class 105 if you are not familiar.)

4. Text: Optional. We suggest The Art of Problem Solving Introduction to Algebra by Richard Rusczyk, $69.00 with Solutions Manual.

Course contents:

Following Rules
X Marks the Spot
One-Variable linear Equations
More Variables
Multi-Variable Linear Equations
Ratios and Percents
Graphing Lines
Introduction to inequalities
Quadratic Equations – Part 1
Special Factorizations
Complex Numbers
Quadratic Equations – Part 2
Graphing Quadratics
More Inequalities
Graphing Functions
Exponents and Logarithms
Special Functions
Series and Sequences