Seventh Grade Math – Geometry

New Style – Seventh Grade Math – Geometry

Pre-requisites: Being able to pass the assessments for previous courses and the Introductory Assessment for this course.


1. Video classes coming online in August and throughout the school year.
Available 24/7 once they are on.

2. Composition book for notes and assignments.

3. Supplies for the Beehive Brain Box Learning System. (See Parent Class 105 if you are not familiar.)

4. Text – Optional: Art of Problem solving Introduction to Geometry $65 or try ebay or amazon for a lesser used price.

Contents of the Course:
What’s in a Name?
Congruent Triangles
Perimeter and Area
Similar Triangles
Right Angles
Special Parts of a Triangle
Geometric Inequalities
Circles and Angles
Power of a Point
Three-Dimensional Geometry
Curved Surfaces
The More Things Change…
Analytic Geometry
Introduction to Trigonometry
Problem Solving Strategies in Geometry