SCRIPTURES 3 – Scriptures Storybooks 3 – Old & New Testaments, Doctrine & Covenants

Now Available – 36 Weeks long course – Brings Scholarship to the study of the Scriptures

If you choose to have your child work in the Book of Mormon courses separately, this is a good additional course to encourage Level 3 students to pursue.

The course covers:
Old Testament Stories (10 Weeks)
New Testament Stories (13 Weeks)
Doctrine and Covenants Stories (13 Weeks)

In this course the students memorize:
The Ten Commandments
The Beatitudes
The Articles of Faith

To become more familiar with the Scripture Stories and their inherent Gospel principles.
To increase in understanding of the Life, Mission, and divine attributes of Jesus Christ.
To increase in faith and trust in Jesus Christ
To increase in mental acuity through attentive listening, recall, and Scripture memorizations.

Lessons may include:
Questions to answer.
Principles brought forth in each story.
An optional project or activity.

Special Features:
40 Total Scripture Memorizations
The Law of the Church Project

Card Sets: Found in the Course Appendix
Old Testament – People, Places, Vocabulary
New Testament – People, Places, Vocabulary, and Timeline
Doctrine and Covenants – People, Places, Vocabulary, and Timeline
Use the Card Sets as you read, and as you review lessons, to solidify knowledge of the People, Places, Vocabulary, and Timelines

A Good Level 3 course. Not too strenuous, but increases knowledge and faith at the same time that the student reads the first half of the Book of Mormon.

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