COME FOLLOW ME – OLD TESTAMENT, January-May, 2022, Memory Verses

Levels 3-12 – Coming in May, 2022

This course is very simple. The instructor prayerfully chooses a scripture from the previous week’s Come Follow Me lesson in the Come Follow Me Manual.

On Mondays, he/she presents it to the students for memorization.

On Tuesday through Thursday, memorization is perfected and it is discussed as to its meaning, particularly noting its presentation in the Come Follow Me Manual.

On Fridays, it is added to the Scripture section of Academic JEOPARDY where we review, Jeopardy style, all we have learned in the previous four days, plus some information from previous weeks.

NOTE: If you choose this course, you do NOT need to use the verses we have. The Holy Ghost knows best what your family needs. Seek His help in choosing a scripture from the previous week’s lesson and use it for memorization and discussion. We do NOT offer discussion in the course outline, just the methodology used, and the verses we chose for memorization.

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