Scriptures – The Christ Series III – Jesus the Christ by Talmage


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Recommended for High School Age Students, Parents, and Families

This is our third course in the Christ series, which were especially written to help us to come to know Christ better. It is an in-depth dive into the pre-mortal life, earth life, and post-mortal life and missions of Jesus Christ, with cultural notes which help us understand the culture of His time on earth.

The text is Apostle James Talmage’s work: JESUS THE CHRIST. It is a school-year long course with an assignment of approximately one Chapter or Review a week.

It is well worth the read. It is also well-worth investing in a Collector’s Edition which is currently out-of-print. You will want the hardback version with the pictures. It is available used on amazon beginning at $8.61 and ranging up to $130.00. It is also available on used, for $13.29 to $55.00. Remember, it is the illustrated or Collector’s Edition that you are after. Try other second-hand book dealers as well. There is no substitute. The illustrations are not only works of art, but add greatly to the content and make the reading experience much more enjoyable. Once you have this book, keep it as a family treasure.

Supplies: Jesus The Christ by Talmage; a Journal, a good pen. A dictionary. You will want a vocabulary section in the back of your journal starting on the last page and going forward. Chapter Notes start on the first page and move back through the Journal. You will want at least a 100 page Journal, 150-200 pages is probably better if you choose a small type. If you have an 8″x 10″ Journal, 100 pages is probably sufficient.

We hope you will take advantage of the Christ series courses, all three of them.