Scriptures – The Christ Series II – Jesus Christ: Topical Guide Study

Online – PDF & Text – The Scriptures

Recommended for 7th Grade & Up, Parents, and Families

This course was suggested by President Nelson’s Talk, Drawing the Power of Jesus Christ into Our Lives,” in which he related:

“Earlier this year (2017)(While President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles) I asked the young adults of the Church to consecrate a portion of their time each week to study EVERYTHING Jesus said and did as recorded in the standard works. I invited them to let the scriptural citations about Jesus Christ in the Topical Guide become their personal core curriculum.”

“I gave that challenge because I had already accepted it myself. I read and underlined EVERY verse cited about Jesus Christ, as listed under the main heading and the 57 subtitles in the Topical Guide. When I finished that exciting exercise, my wife asked me what impact it had on me. I told her, ‘I am a different man!'”

Having done this exercise in the past myself, (Mrs. K.), I HIGHLY RECOMMENED this course to the individual student, – or the whole family. This is one in which it is great to include older generations and siblings who may not be living at home. “Zoom” meetings on Sundays to discuss the assignment for the week can greatly enrich a family’s understanding and commitment to Christ and draw members closer together. Simply put, to echo President Nelson: Lives Change!

This is written as a year-long, 360 day course, which can be easily shortened to the school year 180 day length by doubling-up on assignments.

Supplies: The Standard Works, a nice Journal or two, and a good quality pen or pens. You are going to want to record and keep what you learn here.