SCRIPTURES 8 – The Doctrine and Covenants and Early Church History

Online Ages 12 & above 180 Lessons

Scriptures 8: The Doctrine and Covenants and Early Church History – A rigorous course of study in Primary Historical Sources and What the Lord Expects of His Latter-day Saints.

This course covers Christianity or the gospel through the millennia up to the opening of the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times and through the life of Joseph Smith, Jr., with the addendums of those few additions to the Doctrine and Covenants not authored by the first prophet of this dispensation.

Uses History of the Church (Seven Volumes – Vols I-VI are in this course) available as an ebook from for $29.99
Index cards for scripture memorizations.
Small journal or composition book of 100 pages to record the Church History Time Line, “Additional Knowledge” items and a Latter-day Saint “Duty List.”

36 Units of 4 regular lessons and followed by one review lesson.

The Time line to be started in the front of the composition book or journal, with the earliest entry of Church History, Volume I: the Antiquity of the Gospel.
It is to include the major events of each dispensation up to and through the opening of the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times – the time in which we live.
The time line will go through the final entries in the Doctrine and Covenants, but the intervening years between Joseph Smith, Jr. and our modern day is the subject of Scriptures 9: Church History and Teachings of the Modern Prophets.

Additional Knowledge Items
Have you ever wished you could seat at the feet of a prophet and be taught by him? Have you ever wondered what it was like to be around and hear the truths of the Gospel expounded upon by Joseph Smith? Well, here’s your chance.
As you read Church History volumes it will be as if you had a front row seat at a conference and Joseph was explaining doctrine and history. Be sure to record these new insights as they come to you.

We suggest that you start this “Additional Knowledge List” a third of the way through the Composition book or Journal, leaving the front part for the Time Line and working from the back toward the middle on you “Duty List”.
The capstone essay for this course will be based on these additional teachings or knowledge and how they have affected you as per Objective 4 below.

The Duty List
Jesus Christ expects that his saints will act in a certain way and do certain things to help prepare the world and its people for His return and the coming of Zion.
The “Duty List” contains these ‘To Do’s’ and ways of being.
As they are discovered in the text of the Doctrine and Covenants they are recorded in the back of the journal or composition book, moving backward toward the front, a page at a time for as many pages as it takes for the student to complete his version of the Duty List.
It is expected that this will not at all be as lengthy or large as the Time line and will be confined to no more that ten to fifteen pages.

Preparatory and Rigorous Nature of the Course
As you progress through your schooling and on into college or other studies, you will find that your assignments become larger and more burdensome.
This course helps you stretch and strengthen your academic muscles by providing you with a course of sufficient rigor as to prepare you for your advanced learning experiences.
It requires that over the time of the course, you will read approximately 3,373 pages of an original historical source, giving you the feeling for the importance of records created at the time of the event.
This reading assignment covers the first six volumes of Church History with the addition of 10 pages from the Doctrine and Covenants not included in Church History.
The average daily allotment is 28-29 pages. This is a reasonable college prep assignment on a daily basis. The allotment requires that you keep-up with the work and not lag behind, or you will become discouraged. It is a test and training of self-discipline to do what is required.
NOTE: Occasionally, the allotment must be increased or decreased in order to accommodate chapter divisions.
In addition, the objectives of the course, listed below, make it imperative that you do the work required so that you can answer the Final Assessment.
IF you do the work, you will be able to reach that goal and satisfy it.
If you do not do the work well, you will have missed a wonderful opportunity to prepare yourself for life, further learning, and eternity.

Course Objectives:
1 – To read thoroughly the first six volumes of Church History.
2 – To complete a time line of the Gospel from Adam through Joseph Smith, Jr.
3 – To complete a “Duty List” of those things recorded in the Doctrine and Covenants and Church History that the Lord would have his people do to prepare for His Second Coming, the return of Zion, and the calamities that are coming.
4 – To list additional teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith as recorded by him in the Church History volumes and report how this knowledge has changed your paradigm, or perspective about life, the Church, and your relationship with Jesus Christ and Our Heavenly Father.
5 – To select 20 scripture verses or passages from Church History for memorization and be able to recite them perfectly, to explain why you chose each, and what each means to you.

Director’s Note:
For this course, the requirements are relatively easy. You are NOT required to memorize the Time Line, the Additional Knowledge Items, or the Duty List. You just must list these in your composition book, as directed.

You ARE REQUIRED to memorize 20 scriptures, read the volumes completely, and determine how the reading has changed you. Therein is the hard part. Without a thorough reading you will not be able to determine all the “Additional Knowledge Items,” which may prove to have a great impact on your life.

In order to read it thoroughly, you MUST keep-up with the reading assignments. Develop Consistency and Constancy. These two traits are important for a Saint and you will be tested on those through this course. Do your very best to stay-up with the assignments. In so doing, you will reap the rewards of Consistency and Constancy in the development of your improved character.

I pray that the Holy Ghost will be with you as you seek knowledge and learning, not only from the written word, but also through the Spirit as you read these volumes.
Mrs. Kessler

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