SCRIPTURES 7 – The New Testament – Matthew through Revelation

Online Ages 11 & Up 180 Lessons

This course covers the New Testament, Matthew through Revelation.

High school level home-study seminary course. The course uses New Testament: Study Guide for Home-Study Seminary Students, published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 2016, virtual version, currently (2021) available for download and printing.

Students following the Academy sequence of Scripture courses, if started at five or six years of age, would engage in this course at ages eleven or twelve, two to three years before eligible for actual seminary classes.

However, their scholarship level would denote capability. Therefore, we offer this course at this point in the curriculum: Level 7 – High School.

• Introductory video.
• PDF Syllabus
• 180 lessons, overall. Thirty-six units of four regular lessons and a review.
• Last unit includes Final Assessment.
• Self-directed, unless enrolled in Online Academy.

• The above-mentioned Seminary Manual available at
• Holy Bible, King James LDS version, preferably hardcover available at either or for $17.00.
• Journal, choice of style – large preferable as the student should expect to write in it daily.
• Scripture marker, pencil

• To come closer to Jesus Christ and gain a greater testimony of Him and a greater understanding of His doctrines through study of His life and words in the New Testament.
• To come closer to Christ by living His doctrines.
• To learn more about the writers of the Gospels, Acts, the Epistles and Revelation and the doctrine they taught.
• To catalog and journal the main points and impressions of each separate work.
• To memorize the order of New Testament ‘books’.
• To learn any new vocabulary.
• To use footnotes, especially the JSTs, and outside sources for clarification.
• To learn twenty-five scripture masteries.

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