Scriptures – The Christ Series I – The Living Christ

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Recommended for Students Age 10 & Up, Parents, and Families

President Nelson, in a Conference Talk, April, 2017, “Drawing the Power of Jesus Christ into Our Lives,” stated that the first step in drawing the power of Christ into our lives is to learn about Him. This is the first of three courses specifically designed to help our young people do just that.

This first course asks that our children 8-11 work on memorizing “The Living Christ” as put forth by the Prophets and Apostles on the 2,000th Anniversary of Christ’s birth. It lays the foundation for an excellent understanding of who He is, what He did for us, and His doctrine. Highly Recommended for the entire family.

Students read, study vocabulary, reread and then bit by bit, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, memorize and write their insights and feelings on each part of “The “Living Christ.” Time Frame: 9-18 Weeks.