Scriptures 3: Book of Mormon Read thru Alma 20-Moroni

COMING MAY 24, 2021

This is the third of ten courses on the Book of Mormon. User Rating: Recommended for scripture reading fluency. Age Range: Levels 2 & 3 or those who have not read the Book of Mormon through previously. PDF or COURSE BOOK ONLY. PDFS are FREE with your subscription. Course Books are printed versions. For current pricing on this course book contact us by email through our Contact Page, or call or text us at 435-773-3766.

This course uses a paperback version of the Book of Mormon, available at both and It also requires 3″x5″ white and colored lined index cards, one pack or less and knowledge of the Beehive Brain Box Learning System as taught in Unit 3 of Study & Success Skills 1. It requires the student to read a stated selection each day, looking for, recording and defining words he/she does not know. It also requires the memorization of a student-selected scripture verse or verses each 6 weeks of the course. The object is to be able to read the Book of Mormon fluently and with understanding of the words read. It contains 168 lessons. There are 131 reading and teaching lessons, and 31 review lessons. Passage of the course depends upon the student reading all selections, knowing the vocabulary read, and having learned/memorized the chosen verses, plus basic information about the Book of Mormon. It also requires the student to have learned the Beatitudes as recorded in 3 Nephi 12:3-12:12 and practice their principles. The PDF and Course Book contain the course Schedule, Objectives, Materials List, Procedure and Lesson Format.

This course, as all Scripture courses, is PDF ONLY. WHY? Because spiritual and religious topics are very personal. Leaving-off commentary allows for the parent or student to engage with the Holy Ghost and experience a personal adaptation of the course. Our providing video lessons would only get in the way of that interchange.

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