Scriptures 2023 – Memory Verses

Text – Online in Live Academy Notes on the Online Live Academy page.

Recommended for Students of all ages including parents and families.

This is the list of Scriptures the ONLINE LIVE ACADEMY students are memorizing this year. It is located on the Live Academy page under LIVE ACADEMY NOTES in the Scriptures Section.

We encourage memorization of a verse, or two, every week. It is good exercise for the brain, which like a muscle, works better if it gets regular exercise. It is also good for the soul, as it helps us to recall the words of Christ, especially at difficult moments in our days and lives.

Mastery of the subject here is considered to be able to write on an accumulating basis each verse memorized giving the book and verse reference.

Check the LIVE ACADEMY NOTES – SCRIPTURE SECTION for a new verse each week. Verses are taken from the previous week’s COME FOLLOW ME reading.