Scriptures 10: Feasting Upon the Words of Christ – Year Round Scripture Read

Level 10 – 364 Lessons / Two Readings a Day / One from the Book of Mormon and One from Another Scripture

Format – Introductory Video and PDF Syllabus / College Preparatory

Cost: Free

User Rating: Highly Recommended. “Fantastic. I really read ALL the Standard Works within a year’s time. WOW! I felt so go about it and my spirituality had never before been higher. Now, I keep up the practice with Part II of this course and it truly has been most beneficial. The teacher even suggested making it a life long routine. I’m thinking about it”

This course uses your regular set of Scriptures: The Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. It also requires a journal. With this class, we recommend a nice journal. In the Syllabus, there are a few pages introducing the course and its procedures, but you do dig into the course the very first day. Its premise is that, if scheduled out correctly, you can easily read all the Standard Works within a year’s time. You simply read the Book of Mormon assignment in the Morning (or evening) and the Other Scripture selection, the other time – evening or morning. You are simply asked to pray for insight and help at the beginning of a reading session, pen your impressions, questions, understandings and insights in your journal, and at the end of your session pray in thanksgiving for what you have received. It’s that simple. You do that twice a day, once in the morning with one scripture and once in the evening with another scripture. It’s all scheduled out for you. Just follow the schedule. Again, it’s that simple. The PDF Syllabus contains the course Schedule, Objectives, Materials List, Procedure and Lesson Format and is made to be reused.

The second part of the course is Scriptures 10:B. It continues the readings, again going over everything for a second year. At the end, you will have read the Bible, Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price through twice, and the Book of Mormon thrice in the two years. Keep going, switching off between Part I and Part II, and you will have a great scripture reading-study routine that keeps up your scriptural knowledge and fills your spiritual banks.

This course, as all Scripture courses, is PDF ONLY. WHY? Because spiritual and religious topics are very personal. Leaving-off commentary allows for the parent or student to engage with the Holy Ghost and experience a personal adaptation of the course. Our providing video lessons would only get in the way of that interchange.

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