Scriptures 1: Scripture Storytime 1

Level 1 – Old Testament Stories; Book of Mormon Stories; New Testament Stories; Doctrine and Covenants Stories

Format: Introductory Video & PDF Syllabus / Church Scripture Storybooks – Print and Link to Videos / Beginning Readers

Cost: Free

Description: Young students first watch and then follow along in the Church Storybooks and review the story of the day. A discussion then ensues, led by parent or teacher who has sought the help of the Holy Ghost in knowing what aspects of the story to emphasize for the particular student or class. Lessons are NOT scripted so that the parent or teacher is free to follow inspiration. The course begins with the Old Testament Storybook and continues through the four titles as given above.

This accomplishes four objectives:
* Review of Biblical stories often referred to in classical literature
* An acquaintance with the basis stories, doctrines, and teachings of the Scriptures with their various personalities.
* A better understanding of the life, mission, and roles of Jesus Christ.
* Steadily increasing ability to read the storybooks.

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