Scriptures 1: Beginners’ New Testament


This course is the third in a series of fifteen courses on the Church studied Book of the Year or the complete Scriptures. It is meant to be used as the closing course in a day of study, the Book of Mormon 1 course being the first course in a day of study.
*User Rating: Highly Recommended. Age Range: 3-7.
* PDF or COURSE BOOK ONLY. PDFs are FREE with your subscription. Course Books are the printed versions. For current pricing on this course book contact us by email through our Contact Page, or call or text us at 435-773-3766.

This course covers the stories as told in the Church published story book: New Testament Stories. (It is available from or for $3.75-$4.50) The course involves reading with the New Testament Stories, discussing one or more principles in each story, and requires learning the Ten Commandments. It also includes planning for the Daily Act of Service as taught in the 5 Daily Habits in the Study & Success Skills Course 1. The Course Book (PDF or Print) includes not only the Schedule, Scope and Sequence, Objectives, and Lesson Format, but also lists at least one principle that might be taught from each story.

This course, as all Scripture courses, is PDF ONLY. WHY? Because spiritual and religious topics are very personal. Leaving-off our commentary allows for the parent or student to engage with the Holy Ghost and experience a personal adaptation of the course. Our providing video lessons would only get in the way of that interchange.

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