Scriptures 0: Scripture Subject Introduction

SCRIPTURE STUDY at the Academy is divided into 2 Parts:
a – Book of Mormon
b – An Other Scripture: the Old or New Testament, the Doctrine and Covenants, or Words of the Modern Prophets.
We use Words of the Modern Prophets in years that the Church studies the Book of Mormon.

The Book of Mormon is studied each year. (10 Courses)
The Other Scriptures are studied according to what the CHURCH is studying in a particular year. (16 Courses)

Therefore, our courses for ‘Other Scriptures’ are as follow:
* Level One-
Scriptures 1:
Doctrine & Covenants (2021)
or Old Testament (2022)
or New Testament (2023)
or Modern Prophets (2024).
See individual courses for particulars.

* Levels 2-4:
Scriptures 2-4:
Doctrine & Covenants Junior Version (2021)
or Old Testament Junior Version (2022)
or New Testament Junior Version (2023)
or Modern Prophets Junior Version (2024).
See individual courses for particulars.

* Levels 5-8:
Scriptures 5-8:
Doctrine & Covenants Senior Version (2021)
or Old Testament Senior Version (2022)
or New Testament Senior Version (2023)
or Modern Prophets Senior Version (2024).
See individual courses for particulars.

* Level 9:
Scriptures 9 – Honors I
Doctrine & Covenants – Honors 1 (2025)
or Old Testament – Honors I (2022)
or New Testament – Honors I (2023)
or Modern Prophets – Honors I (2024).
See individual courses for particulars.

* Level 10:
Scriptures 10 – Honors II – Year Round Scripture Read.
This course includes the four Standard Works.

Figure Recognition:
* Golden Open Book – Book of Mormon Courses
* Golden Scroll – Other Scripture Courses
* Suited Persons – Modern Prophets Courses

QUESTION: Why do you offer Scripture courses for ages and levels that would normally be in Seminary?
ANSWER: 1 – Because, unfortunately, not everyone attends Seminary.
2 – Because, in order to graduate, a student must have two Scripture credits per year attended. Seminary may count for only one of those credits.
3 – Because, sometimes, parents like to use our study programs!

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