BOM 0: Introduction to Scripture Courses

Scripture Study at Ascent is divided into Academy classes, taught by the instructors to the students, and additional courses available to Homeschooling Families.
The courses are listed as Book of Mormon Classes 1-12 and Scripture Classes 1-10B
In the Descriptions, Book of Mormon classes are listed first.

The Goals of Scripture Study at the Academy are:
1 – To familiarize students with all the Scriptures.
2 – To help students gain a greater knowledge and testimony of Jesus Christ.
3 – To encourage students to live Gospel principles and thereby become more Christ-like.

Scripture Study at the Academy is comprised of ten courses.

In Levels 1 & 2, students concentrate on learning the major Scripture Stories with their doctrines and teachings. They also concentrate on learning to read the stories.
In Levels 3 & 4 they concentrate on learning the Book of Mormon.
In Levels 5 & 6 students concentrate on the Old Testament.
In Level 7 they cover the New Testament.
In Level 8 students learn from the Doctrine and Covenants.
In Level 9 they learn the biographies and teaching of our current Apostles and Prophets.
In Level 10 they experience creating consistency and constancy in their scripture study through the Year Round Scripture course, “Feasting Upon the Words of Christ”.

Additional courses are available for Home School Students:

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