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Lesson Twelve – Heavenly Father’s Laws of Health – Part 2:
The Word of Wisdom

You have probably heard about the Word of Wisdom. It is found in Section 89 of the Doctrine and Covenants.

It has four main parts:
The Introduction – Where the Lord sets forth the purpose of this
The Prohibitions – Where the Lord states what we should NOT put into our bodies.
The “To Do’s” – Where the Lord tells us what we should eat.
The Promise – Where the Lord outlines the promise connected with
obeying His counsel given in this revelation.

First, we shall look at the Introduction.

1 – What is contained in this revelation is the “will and order of God in the temporal salvation of his saints”.
2 – It is “A principle given with promise, adapted to the capacity (ability) of the weak and weakest of all saints, who are are can be called saints.”
3 – It is also a warning to us from the Lord because of “evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of men in the last days.”

So, what is in this revelation is
1 – for our benefit – to save us temporally – physically and
2 – has a promise connected with it, and
3 – can be lived by all persons who are really saints.

Lesson Thirteen – Heavenly Father’s Laws of Health – Part 2 (a)
The Word of Wisdom – The Prohibitions

This is the list of the things the Lord does NOT want us to take into our bodies.

1 – In verse 50, the Lord warns against drinking wine or strong drink.
This means alcoholic drinks like beer, wine and liquors.

2 – In verse 8, He warns against the use of tobacco, meaning cigars and cigarettes and such.

3 – In verse 9, He warns against the use of hot drinks, meaning coffee and tea.

In our own day, modern prophets have added to this list, to include:

1 – The use of illegal drugs and
2 – The misuse of over the counter and prescription drugs.

Sometimes, people get into bad habits and either use tobacco or drink something they shouldn’t or get involved using drugs.

When this happens:
The thing that helps them the most is going to Heavenly Father in prayer and seeking His help to overcome their bad habit. Heavenly Father always helps these persons, if they truly want to repent and live Heavenly Father’s laws.

We can help them, too, by sincerely praying to Heavenly Father and asking His help for them. Remember, we are NOT to judge these persons, but be loving, kind and considerate towards them.

Lesson Fourteen – Heavenly Father’s Laws of Health – Part 2-b (1)
The Word of Wisdom – The To Do’s

In verse 10, the Lord begins to give us his list of things we can and should eat.

1 – ‘Every herb and fruit in the season thereof, to be used with prudence and thanksgiving.’
This means fruits and vegetables.

‘In the season thereof’ means when a fruit or vegetable is ripe and ready to be harvested.

Did you know that when something is eaten ‘in the season thereof’ that it is much more nutritious and beneficial for you than when it is eaten out-of-season – meaning before it is fully ripe or after it has been stored a long time.

Why? This is because of all the wonderful vitamins, minerals and something called ‘phytonutrients’ that are in plant foods.

The phytonutrients
1 – protect us against
a – Germs
b – parasites and
2 – give us substances which build-up and maintain the body.

Phytonutrients are not fully formed and available to us until the fruit or vegetable is ripe.

If we eat the food too soon, before the food is fully ripe, the phytonutrients will not be fully formed.

If we eat the food too long after it is harvested, the phytonutrients and the vitamins will have diminished.

But, you ask, we can’t always eat food that is freshly harvested.
This is true.

It is also true that much of our food is hauled in by trucks from far way. Some of it is shipped to us from other parts of the world. So, this is not the freshest, either.

What are we to do if we want to obey this part of the Word of Wisdom?

The Lord has provided ways for us to obey, He always does.

First, we can listen to the advice of our modern prophets and grow as much of our own food as possible.

Second, we can purchase food that is produced in our local area.

There are today many co-ops where farmers have joined together to market their fruits and vegetables – what is called ‘produce’ to local people. See if you can find such an organization in your area. Some of these are working on a way to produce fresh foods, especially vegetables, year round!

Third, you can do the Science Unit 2 Gardening Course and learn how to grow some very nutritious food in your own home year round! The Gardening Course precedes this one.)

Fourth, you can choose foods that are either quick frozen or dried at low temperatures. These methods preserve more nutrients than other methods.

Fifth, you can avoid methods of food preparation that destroy the nutrients and chemically change them so that they are not healthy for you anymore. These methods are microwaving foods, and cooking at high temperatures for long periods, and eating canned foods. (If you want to learn a bit more about this, consult MRS. K., our Director and a Former Health Coach.)
Sixth, eat more greens! These are generally fresher, are among the best of foods for us, and are available year round. With care, you can grow them year round in your area and even inside your home!

Lesson Fifteen – Heavenly Father’s Laws of Health – Part 2-b (2)
The Word of Wisdom – The To Do’s, Part 2

In verses 12 through 15, we learn about meats.
1 – The Lord has ordained these for the use of man.
2 – They are to be used s p a r i n g l y.
According to the dictionary, ‘sparingly’ means:
“To use in small quantities or not at all.”
3 – It is pleasing to the Lord to use meat only in times of
a – winter
b – cold
c – famine
d – excess of hunger.

Lesson Sixteen – Heavenly Father’s Laws of Health – Part 2-b (3)
The Word of Wisdom – The To Do’s, Part 3

The Third part of the Lord’s “To Do’s” has to do with grains.

The Lord states, in verses 14 through 17:
1 – ALL grain is ordained for the use of man.
2 – All grain is good for the food of man.
3 – It is to be used as the staff of life.
4 – Nevertheless, wheat for man.

I made a study of wheat once. It is an amazing grain. You can use it to make bread, pancakes, waffles, cookies, cakes, etc., etc., and so forth.

You can grind it and use it for cereal -everything from a fine consistency of ‘cream of wheat’ to a coarser consistency where it is not ground so small, for ‘cracked wheat’.

You can also sprout it and eat it sprouted and add it to breads, soups and salads. The neat thing about sprouting it is that it contains ALL the vitamins and minerals and phytonutrients known to be needed by man. HMM? The Lord did say: “Wheat for Man”.


Also, you can grow the sprouts into wheatgrass and juice it. Some drink it straight in an ounce to four ounces at a time. Others add it to pineapple juice or prune juice or grape juice. Some put it into their morning smoothies. This is very nutritious and helps keep a person very healthy.

CAUTION: If you try this, first go to a health food store or juice bar and get a LITTLE bit of wheatgrass juice. The reason is that it takes a bit of getting used to. You may not like it right at the start, or by itself, especially if you eat a lot of sweets or prepared and processed foods.

A fun thing to do sometime is to journey to a health food store or other establishment where they sell many kinds of grains. You will be impressed with all the variety.

Most of us know about wheat, corn, oats and rice. But, do you know about quinoa, amaranth, spelt or kamut? How about millet, rye, buckwheat and barley? Check these out. Try them. But, remember to eat wheat.

Now, some people have a sensitivity to wheat and can’t eat it.

Sometimes this is helped by soaking the wheat for 8 hours and then rinsing it off. Then it can be dried – at low heat – 105° or less and used as normal. The reason this sometimes helps in the case of wheat sensitivity is that the wheat comes with something called a digestive inhibitor. That means that there is a substance in the wheat which makes it difficult for some people to digest. Soaking the wheat gets rid of this digestive inhibitor.

(Incidentally, this digestive inhibitor in our modern wheat came about because of the “designs of men in the last days” to breed a wheat which did not have a thick husk, so it easier for commercial bakeries to use! Did the Lord know what He was talking about? You bet. Always!)

Also, persons who have trouble digesting wheat may be sensitive to the protein in the wheat, the gluten. If this is the case there are alternatives: kamut, spelt, and einkorn wheat are just a few. These are alternative forms of wheat that have NOT been effected by the “designs of men in the last days”.

Sometimes, persons who can’t eat the wheat as a flour, can eat it sprouted or in wheatgrass.


Lesson Seventeen – Heavenly Father’s Laws of Health – Part 2-c
The Word of Wisdom – The Promise

This is the MOST exciting part of the Word of Wisdom – the promise.

Remember, we talked in the beginning that:
“There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the
foundation of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated –
“And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to
that law upon which it is predicated.”
Doctrine and Covenants 130:20-21

The WORD of WISDOM is such a LAW.

If we obey it, there is a BLESSING associated with it.
Let’s read that blessing:

Doctrine and Covenants 89:18-21 –
“ And all saints who remember to do and keep these sayings,
walking in obedience to the commandments,
shall have health in their navel and marrow in their bones;
“And shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge,
even hidden treasures;
“And shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint.
“And I, the Lord, give unto them a promise, that the destroying
angel shall pass them by, as the children of Israel,
and slay them not. Amen.”

What does Jesus tell us here?

1 – If we observe to live by the Word of Wisdom and obey the commandments – those are the TWO THINGS WE MUST DO, then:

2 – We will be healthy;

3 – We will have knowledge, even hidden knowledge


4 – We will not be tired out, even if we have to work hard.

Those are pretty good blessings, aren’t they – for


BUT, there IS MORE!

We are going to take a few minutes to review the story of Moses and the children of Israel and something called the Passover.

“If you remember, Moses was the Prophet who lead the children of Israel out of Egypt, after the Ten Plagues that the Lord visited upon Egypt.

“The last plague was the one that finally convinced Pharaoh that he’d better let the Israelites go, as the Lord had said.

“This last plague was to be a more terrible plague than any of the others. The plague the Lord was going to send would kill the first born in each family, including the families of the Israelites. But,

“Jesus told Moses how to save the Israelite children. He said each Israelite father should get a lamb. The lamb must be perfect; that is, have nothing wrong with it.

“Jesus told Moses to tell the Israelites to kill the lambs. They obeyed him. Jesus also told Moses to tell the Israelites to put the lamb’s blood on their doors. Then the sickness would pass over the houses that had blood on their doors. But, if there were no blood on the door, the oldest child would die.

“Then Jesus said that they should cook the lamb meat and eat it and stay in their houses. All this Moses told the people and the people obeyed.

“That night the oldest child of each Egyptian family died, even the king’s oldest son.

“The sickness passed over the houses with the blood on the doors, just as Jesus had said would happen. The Israelite children did not die. Jesus called this ‘The Passover’. He told the Israelites to remember the Passover. He said they should have a Passover dinner every year. They should remember that Jesus saved their children.”


Now, for the rest of the promise Jesus gives us in the Word of Wisdom:

“And, I, the Lord, give unto them a promise,
that the destroying angel shall pass them by,
as the children of Israel,
and not slay them.”
The Lord has said that there will be plagues and pestilences in the last days. If we obey the commandments and the Word of Wisdom, we do not have to fear. He will protect us as he did the children of Israel in Moses’ day.


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