FREE HERE Science Unit 3A – 2 – Health I – The Laws of Health – Taking Care of Ourselves – THE LAWS, Pt 1

Lesson Three – Heavenly Father’s Laws of Health – Part I

If we wish to know the truth of anything, we can go to
Heavenly Father and ask. But, before we go to Him and ask, He expects
us to learn as much as we can about what we want to know and then ask Him.

One of the ways we learn is to search Heavenly Father’s Scriptures. What do they tell us?

Let’s start with Doctrine & Covenants 88:124:*
• Cease to be idle
• Cease to be unclean
• Cease to find fault with one another
• Cease to sleep longer than is needful
• Retire to thy bed early that ye may not be weary
• Arise early that your bodies and minds may be invigorate.

We will discuss each of these in one of the following lessons.

*This is a good scripture to memorize.
Try learning one line a day and see if you can master it.
It will help you pass the Assessment at the end of this course.

Lesson Four – Heavenly Father’s Laws of Health – Part I (a) – 1:
Cease to Be Idle

Idle means to do nothing, – no-thing.

Did you know that in some American Indian cultures that an old person who thought he should die would go and just sit and NOT move – DO NOTHING – and soon he would die?

Why would he die from doing NOTHING? Because, we are made to MOVE. To be healthy we must be active.

This is why when we do school,

RULE: We do NOT sit for more than 50 minutes out of an hour.

RULE: We move around for 10 minutes of every hour!

This keeps you active.
See the next page for a list of things you can do in 10 minutes.
Things You Can Do in 10 Minutes:
• Brain Gym Exercises (See Movement course)
• Other exercises
• Ride your bike
• Jump rope
• Use the restroom and have a snack
• Jump on a Rebounder or trampoline
• Walk on a treadmill or use some other exercise machine
• Run around outside
• Throw baskets
• Skip
• Crawl
• Take a short, quick walk

Think of some other ways you can be active in 10 minutes and list them here:







Lesson Five – Heavenly Father’s Laws of Health – Part I a(2) – Cease to Be Idle

In the last lesson we talked about ceasing to be idle physically, with our

But, we are more than just our bodies, as wonderful as they are. We are
also Spirits and Intelligence.

Heavenly Father says that all things are spiritual unto Him and that He
has made no law that is just temporal. So, it must be that ‘ceasing to be
idle’ also applies to our Intelligences and Spirits.

Our Intelligence is defined as our mind.

Our Spirit is defined as our Spiritual selves as Spirit Children of Heavenly
Father and refers more to our heart, our feelings and us as sons and
daughters of God, having Spirit bodies.

What does it mean to ‘Cease to be idle’ for our Intelligences, our minds?
It means to:
• Learn.
• Exercise and stretch them.

This is what Our Father expects of us here on earth. He has even told us
some of the things He wants us to learn:
Doctrine & Covenants 90:15
“…study and learn and become acquainted with all
good books, and with all languages, tongues and people…”
Doctrine and Covenants 88:118
“…seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom, seek
learning by study and also by faith…”

This leads us to think about how we cease to be idle spiritually. Heavenly Father has given us some clues also in the Doctrine and Covenants.

Doctrine and Covenants 107:99 “…let every man learn his duty…”
This means what Heavenly Father would have us DO, like keeping the commandments, paying tithing and helping others.

Doctrine and Covenants 42:12-13
“And again, the elders, priests, and teachers of this church shall
teach the principles of my gospel, which are in the Bible and the Book of
Mormon, in which is the fullness of the gospel;
“And they shall observe the covenants and church articles to do them, and these shall be their teachings, as they shall be directed by the Spirit.”

Obviously, the Lord wants us to KNOW the Gospel. This year, you will be
doing just that: stretching your mind – learning out of the best books,
about language, tongues and people, and about the gospel and your duty
in it.

You will learn and memorize Scripture verses.

Doctrine and Covenants 19:23
“…learn of me..”

We hope and pray that you will learn of Heavenly Father and Jesus – about them, through the Scriptures and the testimony of others, and ‘of them’ through the Spirit.

Lesson Six – Heavenly Father’s Laws of Health – Part I -b (1):
Cease to Be Unclean

Unclean means “dirty”.
Dirty means having dirt on us.

When we are dirty, our bodies do not work completely as they should.

Did you know that in some places when the air is dirty that people have to
wear special masks over their noses and mouths to keep from breathing in
the dirt in the air?

WHY? Because the dirt in the air will clog their lungs and they will lose
some of their ability to breathe.

The same is true when we have dirt on the outside of our bodies.

Our skin “breathes”. It lets out toxins – poisons – through the pores –
the holes in our skin. This is part of what happens when we sweat.

If our skin is clogged with dirt, it cannot ‘breathe’ as well and we cannot
get rid of all the toxins, or poisons, in our bodies. These toxins then keep
our bodies from being as healthy as we could be.


Lesson Seven – Heavenly Father’s Laws of Health – Part I-b(2) –
Cease to Be Unclean

We know that we are three-part Beings:
Mind – Spirit – Body.

We know that Heavenly Father gives us no laws or commandments that are not spiritual.

Therefore, ‘Cease to be Unclean’ must also apply to or pertain to or be about ceasing to be unclean in mind and spirit.

‘Ceasing to be unclean in mind’ means to
1) NEVER put anything bad or unrighteous or dirty into our minds.
These things could be
◦ bad jokes,
◦ bad books,
◦ bad music,
◦ bad TV programs,
◦ bad thoughts from friends who tempt us to do wrong.
2) It means to be clean in our own minds:

This can sometimes be hard. But, Heavenly Father has given us four powerful helps to help us keep our thoughts and minds clean.

These helps are:

1 – GOOD MUSIC. President Boyd K. Packer has told us to memorize a hymn or Primary song and when we feel a bad or wrong thought coming on to SING the SONG.

2 – SCRIPTURES. Read the Scriptures and ask Heavenly Father that the Spirit attend you and pay attention so you can understand the Scriptures.

3 – BLESSINGS. We can ask our fathers or Ministering Brethren for blessings.

4 – PRAYER. Pray to Heavenly Father for help in clearing bad thoughts from your mind and in keeping them out in the first place!

Use each of these powerful helps to keep your mind clean.

Lesson Eight – Heavenly Father’s Laws of Health – Part I-b(3) –
Cease to Be Unclean

“Ceasing to be unclean” Spiritually means:

1 – Making sure that our ‘feelings’ are good and righteous.

2 – To NOT be angry, bitter, resentful, selfish, hateful, mad, upset, stubborn, or anything like these.

3 – To be sure WE ARE loving, kind, helpful, considerate, obedient, reverent, humble, charitable, giving, happy, and positive.

4 – When we do something wrong, we confess it; repent; make restitution; and NEVER do that thing again.

• if we break something we fix it or buy a new one
• if we steal something, we return it;
• if we make someone feel bad, we apologize and ask forgiveness and do everything we can to help that person feel good – LOVE them, HELP them, and PRAY for them.

Lesson Nine – Heavenly Father’s Laws of Health – Part I-c(1) –
Cease to Find Fault with One Another

‘Finding fault’ with someone means that we are judging them.

Jesus said, ”Verily, verily I say unto you, Judge not, that ye be not judged.
For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged; and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” 3 Nephi 14:1-2

In other words:
1 – WE are NOT to judge.
2 – If we do judge someone, the Lord will judge us in the same way that we judged the other person.

A little story…. “Nell Steals a Cookie”

Suppose you see Nell stealing a cookie out of the cookie jar. She takes it outside and you assume she will eat it on the way to school.

Suppose you say to yourself: “HMM! She knows better than that. Mom has told us, ‘No cookies before noon.’ Nell is being disobedient and
stealing. I can’t trust her. I must keep my stuff hidden or she will take it.”

Now, suppose you get all upset about it. What happens to YOU?

Before we find-out, we must learn about pH. PH is a way of measuring how
acidic something is. The pH scale looks like this:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 12 13 14
Most acidic Neutral Most alkaline

Our bodies need to be slightly to the right of neutral or 7.35 on the Alkaline side of the scale. If you have a body that is slightly alkaline many experts say that you cannot get sick from germs – viruses or bacteria. So,
we need to work to keep out bodies slightly alkaline at 7.35.

So, what happens to you when you make a judgment and get angry and upset?
1 – YOUR MIND has bad thoughts.
2 – YOUR SPIRIT feels negative emotions – because you are not living the gospel.
3 – YOUR BODY becomes ACIDIC!

You put yourself at risk for
1 – Becoming ill
2 – Losing the companionship of the Spirit because He cannot dwell in unholy or unrighteous, unclean places.

So, what happened in our story?

You go tell Mom:
“Nell stole a cookie and took it outside to eat on her way to school.”

Mom asks:
You saw Nell take a cookie?”

You say:

“Did you SEE her eat the cookie?”


“Then, how do you KNOW she ate it?”

“Why else would she take it?”

And Mom says softly:
“Honey, we have to be careful about jumping to conclusions and
judging people on the things we see. Nell did NOT eat the cookie.”


Mom says:
“No. She came to me and asked if she could take a cookie to a friend. Her friend said that they don’t have any money at their house and so she didn’t get breakfast. Nell took her a cookie so she would have something to eat before school.”


OOPS! Sometimes we do jump to conclusions and judge others. We need to be careful. We often don’t see or know the WHOLE story.

Besides, as we now know, Jesus teaches us in the Scriptures not to judge unrighteously, so we can be healthy in mind, spirit and body.

Lesson Ten – Heavenly Father’s Laws of Health – Part I-d –
Cease to Sleep Longer then is Needful

Do you like to lie in bed in the morning, even though you aren’t sleepy and have had a good night’s rest? What happens when we sleep too long?

1 – Our minds become somewhat cloudy and groggy and we don’t think as well as we might. We never really fully wake-up that day!

2 – If we stay too long in bed and we know better, we are being disobedient and that’s not good.

3 – If we stay in bed too long, our bodies do not have the full amount of energy we could have had for the day.

If we want to have alert minds, be obedient and have the full amount of
energy and vitality we could have, we will NOT sleep longer than is needful.

Lesson Eleven Heavenly Father’s Laws of Health – Part I-e
Retire to thy bed early that ye may not be weary..

Science has proved it: the hours of the night – before midnight – give you more restful sleep that the hours after midnight. In fact, each hour of sleep before midnight is equal to two hours of sleep after midnight!
(Sorry, I never wrote down the reference on this. If I come across it again, I’ll include it here.)

So, the earlier you get to bed, within reason, the more actual GOOD sleep you will get.

The Corollary to this is the next part of the verse:
“…Arise early that your bodies and minds might be invigorated…”

Has this been scientifically proven? Not to my knowledge, but – it has been proven by hundreds of thousands of individuals, including me.

I know that when I rise early, I am invigorated in mind and body. My mind is clearer and I am able to think better. Also, my body is full of energy. Between the two I can accomplish more on a day when I do arise early than on a day I don’t! This is something that a man named Benjamin Franklin also knew.

Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, a celebrated scientist, and a very wise man. He wrote this idea down in a couplet – a little two line poem – in his book, Poor Richard’s Almanac. This is what he said:
“Early to bed and early to rise,
Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

This only makes sense, doesn’t it; that, if you think clearer and better with more energy so your mind can also work fast, and to be able to do physical work with more energy, that perhaps you would end-up healthy, wealthy and wise?

The Lord Loves us and so He has given us this counsel for our own benefit. If we are to love Him and serve Him well, we will follow His counsel and

“Retire to our beds early, that we may not be weary;”
“Arise early, that our bodies and our minds might be invigorated.”


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