FREE HERE Science Unit 2f – Kitchen Gardening 6 – Exploring Hydroponics, Part 2

Continued Investigations into Hydroponics

Building A Home Hydroponics Rail System
Simple Greens Hydroponics

How to Make Inexpensive Hydroponic System and Start a Hydroponics Garden at Home 2021
DIY & Garden With BiBi –
The gentleman has several other videos on the same subject which may be worth your viewing if you like what he presents here.

Basement Hydroponic Tower Garden Version 2.0
Mary & Joe Neumayer

Basement Hydroponic Tower Garden 2.0 e Year Update
Mary & Jos Neumayer

How to Make a Hydroponic Garden at Home Using PVC Pipe
Creative Channel
This is a ‘Silent Film’ – except for the sound effects. Just pay attention, take notes, and you will have the instructions for a great system.

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