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Foods for Our Health – (Video urls included 11/7/22 – Videos themselves will be up by day’s end)

Ah, sprouts! Yes!! A botanist friend of ours, who taught botany at the local university, extols the virtues of sprouts. He notes their contribution of vital trace nutrients to his health which in turn contributed to his longevity.

He also notes the contribution of “pulse” to the diet of Daniel and other Hebrews in captivity, and the results of their improved appearance and mental capacities. “Pulse,” according to his research, included sprouted seeds.

Sprouts are nutritious power houses. For further background info, see:

Tiny Sprouts Provide Big Nutrition –
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6 Benefits of Sprouts that Will Make You Want to Add Them to Your Plate
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What Are the Benefits of Sprouting Seeds?
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Videos on Sprouting – and some good sources of sprouting seeds:

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GrowOrganic Peaceful Valley

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Amanda Natividad Li 1 Registered Dietitian and Chef

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Dr. Josh Axe

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Soaking and Sprouting Grains, Seeds, and Nuts for Best Nutrition
The Art of Unity – Bill Farr

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