FAMILY ARTS 1 – Kitchen & Indoor Gardening – Now Available

Videos & PDF – Suited best for Ages 8 & Up, but young ones 3 and up can easily participate in some of the activities.

Introduction – 6 Units – 3 PDF and 43 Video Lessons

This course is a series of videos garnered from experts on youtube, with some commentary of our own, on the important topic of indoor food production.

Subscribers are encouraged to watch the chosen offerings and then explore more on youtube to solidify their expertise in this vital subject.

WHY INDOOR GARDENING? Simply, the time has come.

Our reasoning: We have been counseled by Apostles and Prophets to grow as much of our own food as feasibly and reasonably possible. We are now in a time when we are experiencing food shortages. So, it is near past time we learn to grow our own. Growing indoors is one way everyone can grow some of their own food.

Also, going into winter, not everyone has the luxury of climate-friendly outdoor gardening. In some places, summers are too warm. Indoor gardening offers a solution to these circumstances.

Finally, being able to add homegrown, nutritious greens to one’s diet is a real plus as so much of our current food supply is lacking in life-giving and life-sustaining nutrients.

For all these reasons, we offer this course on indoor gardening methods.

Enjoy these lessons and videos. We explore a wide-range of techniques. Pick the one or ones best suited to your situation.

Part 1 – Growing Food From Scraps! 9 Videos – Lettuce, Celery, Scallions, Broccoli and More!

Part 2 – Foods for Our Health – Growing Sprouts – 6 Videos

Part 3 – Why Wheatgrass and Microgreens? – 3 PDFs & 6 Videos

Part 4 – Further Methods and Crops for Indoor Gardening – 6 Videos

Part 5 – Exploring Hydroponics – 9 Videos

Part 6 – Exploring Hydroponics, Part 2 – 5 Videos