FREE HERE Science Unit 2a – Kitchen Gardening I – Regrowing Food From Kitchen Scraps

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We are experiencing food shortages, so it is time we learn to grow our own. Going into the winter, not everyone has the luxury of climate-friendly outdoor gardening. So, we offer a FREE course on indoor methods.

It is important to be able to add fresh greens to our diet to provide some of the nutrition lacking in much of our food supply.

Enjoy these lessons and videos. We explore a wide-range of techniques. Pick the one or ones best suited to your situation.


We live in a time when massive food shortages are looming on the horizon. So, anything we can do to grow our own food or make more of what we have is a wise plan. Regrowing food from kitchen scraps is one way to do this.

First, however, let’s look at the practicality of the matter and learn a bit about plant terminology and morphology!

The first video we will watch pertains to what is possible and reasonable and worth our efforts.

The Truth About Regrowing Veggies from Kitchen Scraps

Vocabulary to know:
vegetative parts
reproductive parts

Now that we know what is realistic, let’s get into the subject and get to the Doing.

We encourage you to learn about and to begin growing the plants highlighted below.

Most are adapted to growing in containers, old mason jars, old food containers with drainage holes in them and saucers underneath. Be creative, seek inspiration, and your indoor garden will help you lessen your food bill and keep you healthier.

Note: Though GROW LIGHTS are not mentioned or shown much in these videos, if you are going to be serious about an indoor garden, a grow light might be a good investment. There will be more about this in the INDOOR GARDENING section.

For now, peruse the choices.

The Choices:

How to Regrow Celery From Celery
from The Ripe Tomato Farms

Regrowing Supermarket Lettuce Experiment: Soil vs Water vs Hydroponic Nutrients by Tikki O.

Regrow Green Onions – Scallions from the Supermarket
Tikko O.

11 Vegetables and Herbs You Can Buy Once and Regrow Forever
WaysandHows – 8:27

Vegetables and Herbs You Can Regrow from Scarps /
Regrow Vegetables and Herbs in Your Apartment
The Green Earth

15 Fruits & Vegetables You Can Grow From Kitchen Scraps
Daisy Creek Farms with Jag Singh

How to Grow Broccoli From Store Bought Broccoli

Stop Buying Lettuce / 12 Tips to Grow Your Own Endless Supply
Natural Ways

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