Brain Gym Exercises – Scientifically Proven to Lead to Better Brain & Physical Performance

A MUST for ALL Ascent Advantage Academy Students and ANYONE wanting to increase their physical and mental performance. A MUST!

Helps to integrate youthful as well as not so youthful brains.

Available by Subscription in the PDF & VIDEO ACCESS and on our youtube Channel: Ascent Advantage Academy under Brain Gym Exercises

The exercise course is 36 weeks long and is taken during the Opening Exercises portion of the day in the Live Online Academy. It is highly recommended to be utilized after a Homeschool Devotional to tune the brain to be better able to learn and retain that learning.

It consists of 27 videos, a 19 page PDF, plus a PDF of the Alphabet 8s writing exercise. (Contact by email – [email protected] – to receive the Alphabet 8’s template.)

Science 1: The BRAIN GYM Exercises: Promote Spiritual, Physical, and Mental Optimization for Learning Acquisition, Academic & Life Success © 2020, 2021, 2022 Beehive LDS Schooling, LLC

NOTE: Mastery of this unit cannot be reasonably expected to occur until near the end of the academic year.

Physical Exercises

The Brain Gym® exercises have been scientifically proven to improve physical and mental well-being and performance.

The exercises are based on the principle that learning of any subject or activity, mental or physical is acquired more easily if movement is involved.

More information is given on these exercises and their effectiveness in the videos that accompany this course.

If your students are able, have them listen to the videos and make a card deck for the Exercises ala the Beehive Brain Box Learning System.

Test your student’s understanding of the efficacy and importance of each exercise via the Card deck.

The Brain Gym exercises, if practiced routinely and correctly, will help a person learn faster and easier and improve performance in sports and most other activities.

Print the PDF and use it with the accompanying videos on a daily basis.