Science for 10th Grade – Integrated High School Biology and Earth Science – 2 Credits


Required Text: Exploring Design with Earth Science by Dr. Jay Wile, Text along with Answer Key and Tests – available at for $79.00.
Lab Kit: $75.00
Audiobook: $21.00
Learning Journal (composition Book)
400-500 Colored, lined 3″x5″ index cards; 150, white, plain or lined, 3″x5″ index cards
A pack of No. 32 rubber bands

Also needed: Excellent nutrition, a good night’s sleep, and adequate exercise to perform at your best.
Plus: 20-45 minutes a day to study.

16 Chapters, approximately 2 weeks each including reviews and tests.

Required Basic Concepts and Skills
The Earth’s Crust
The Lithosphere I
The Lithosphere II
Fossils in Rocks
Interpreting the Geological Record
Uniformitarianism Vs Catastrophism
Water & the Hydrosphere I
The Hydrosphere II
The Atmosphere
Weather I
Weather II
Earth’s Solar System
The Universe

Mrs. K. discusses the high points of each lesson assignment and demonstrates the experiments on videos.
Periodic assessments are accomplished by the student passing-off the required Beehive Brain Box Learning System cards to his/her parent.

It is recommended that the student replicate the experiments, keep a Lab Journal, and also document their Labs on video.
This creates an indisputable record that the student did the labs. Some colleges and universities require at least one year credit of a LAB science and in this way, you have the proof that you did it.

Also required: Biology Notes, Vocabulary Reviews, and Chapter End Projects.