Science 9 – H.S. Biology

PDF & Text course. The PDF will be available by January 3. The PDF schedules the course and also gives excellent study tips. Videos will eventually augment the course.

This course, as all our science courses, is written from a Christian perspective.

Text: Apologia Basic Set – Exploring Creation with Biology – $89.95 for the Test and the Solutions and Test Manual. Available at

This is a college preparatory course and the finest we located in our search for and perusal of High School Biology courses.

The Listing of Chapter or Module Headings does not do it justice as to its coverage of topics.

Contents by Module:
The Science of Life
The Chemistry of Life
Cell Structure and Function
Cellular Energy
DNA, Proteins, and the Cell Cycle
Prokaryotes and Viruses
Protists and Fungi
Plant Diversity and Reproduction
Plant Structure and Function
Animals – Invertebrates – Part 1
Animals – Invertebrates – Part 2
Animals – Chordates – Part 1
Animals – Chordates – Part 2

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