Science 5 – Science in the Age of Reason

PDF Available by Jan 3. Mrs. K. will add videos and commentary throughout May, 2022.

Text: Science in the Age of Reason by Dr. Jay Wile. $39.95 at A Help & Hints book is available for an additional $10.00. It includes 12 tests for the Course.

This course covers developments in science from the early 1700’s through the beginning of the 1800’s. We cover the 12 regular lessons per chapter, which allows you to accomplish the Level Five Science curricula at the rate of TWO LESSONS per week. We feel this is the right pace for Level 5 students. It allows for a thorough review of each lesson and the administration of the tests.

What makes this text unique is that it is geared toward the elementary child of all ages. What is required is dependent upon the child’s age and capabilities. Therefore, Wile’s “Science in the _________ ” series or “Science in HiStory” series as it is called on the Berean site, works for Levels 1-6.

Children of Level Five age are encouraged to read the text themselves and then perform the experiments UNDER THE DIRECTION of the parent or group leader.

What also makes the series unique is that EVERY lesson has an experiment or activity component. Not all experiments work as they are suppose to – the first time. We suggest that you carefully select what you want to do. Items needed for the experiments are mostly items usually found in the home, lessening the expense of a very solid course.

Scientists and Their Work covered in Science in the Age of Reason are:

Edmond Halley
Daniel Gabriel Farenheit
Thomas Fairchild
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
de Mauperituis
Stephan Hales
Pierre Fauchard
Stephen Gray
Daniel Bernouli
Leonhard Euler and Light
se Reaumur
van Musschenbroek
Georges-Louis Leclerc & Comte de Buffon
Spontaneous Generation
Benjamin Franklin Experiments and the Lightning Rod
Carl Linnaeus and Binomial Names
James Lind and Distillation Joseph Black and Specific Heat
John Michell
Johan Carl Wilcke
Henry Cavendish
James Watt
Joseph Priestley and Oxygen
Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier – Conservation of Mass, and The Elements
Luigi Galvani
Alessandro Volta and the Battery
Jan Igenhousz
Erasmus Darwin and the Weather
Frederick William Herschel and Infrared Light
Lazzaro Spallanzani and Digestion
Charles-Augustin de Coulomb
Jacques Alexandre Cesar Charles
Pierre Prevost
Jeremias Benjamin Richter
James Hutton – Erosion and Sedimentary Rock
Edward Jenner
Joseph Louis Proust
Sir Humphry Davy
Marie Francois Xavier Bichat
William Nicholson
John Dalton and Atomic Theory
William Henry
Thomas Young – Light Waves & Color Vision
William Hyde Wollaston – Muscles; the Sun
Giuseppe Piazzi
Carl Freidrich Gauss
Nicolas-Theodore de Saussure
Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac

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