Science 2 – Science in the Beginning, Part Two

PDF Available by Jan 3. Mrs. K. will add videos and commentary throughout February.

Text: Science in the Beginning by Dr. Jay Wile. $39.95 at A Help & Hints book is available for an additional $10.00. It includes 6 tests for the second 3 chapters, as well as lesson Hints & Helps.

This course covers the second half of the text, or the fourth-sixth days of Creation. We cover just the 12 regular lessons per chapter, which allows you to accomplish the Level Two science curricula at the rate of ONE LESSON per week. We feel this is the right pace for Level 1 students.

What makes this text unique is that it is geared toward the elementary child of all ages. What is required is dependent upon the child’s age and capabilities. Therefore, Wile’s “Science in the _________ Day” series or “Science in HiStory” series as it is called on the Berean site, works for Levels 1-6.

The course is also geared to delivery by a parent or group leader who reads the text and then delivers the lesson and directs the child in performing the experiment. Older Children, as soon as their reading ability permits, are encouraged to read the text themselves and then perform the experiments UNDER THE DIRECTION of the parent or group leader.

What also makes the series unique is that EVERY lesson has an experiment or activity component. These are usually executed with normal household items. Not all work as they are suppose to – the first time. We suggest that you carefully select what you want to do.

Topics covered in Science in the Beginning, Part Two:

The Sun
Earth’s Motions
The Solar System
The Moon
Where Stars Go During the Day
Saltwater and Freshwater
Osmosis and Diffusion
Vertebrates and Invertebrates
Ways Invertebrates and Vertebrates Move in Water
From Water to Air
Waterproofing Feathers
Basics of Flight
Take-Off and Thrust
Designed for Flight
Land Animals and People
Legs and No Legs
Depth Perception in Sight
Senses: Smell. Hearing, Balance, Taste, and Touch

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