Science 12a – H.S. Astronomy

Coming by Christmas – AAA PFD to accompany the course. Eventually, we will add videos and video commentary.

H.S. ASTRONOMY – Text: Exploring Creation with High School Astronomy – $62.00 at Apologia 1/2 Credit

This course was designed as an elective course for high school students in 9th – 12th grades. Exploring Creation with High School Astronomy uses the scientific and mathematical constants of the universe to reveal the beauty of creation. The course author, Damian R. Ludwiczak, is the Chief of the Mechanisms and Tribology Branch at NASA Glenn Research Center. Activity: Reading, Answering the Section Questions. NO Labs.

Specific topics include:

Space and Interstellar Space
Normal Matter, Antimatter, and Dark Matter
Black Holes and Wormholes
The History of Astronomy
Astronomical Measurement
The Model of Our Solar System
The Sun and The Electromagnetic Spectrum
The Inner Planets
Orbital Mechanics
The Moon
Types of Telescopes
The Outer Planets
Dwarf Planets and the Asteroid Belt
Stars and Constellations
Celestial Navigation

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