Science 1A – Beginning Earth Science


COMING February 6-11, 2023 – Early Release Units Available through E-Mail Delivery. Contact to receive these. Thank you.

We explore our earthly home in the following units:
* Earth’s Origin, History, and Destiny
* Earth’s Place in the Universe
– Size and Structure of the Universe, Its Vastness
– “If We Could Hie to Kolab…”
– Large to Small: Galaxy Systems, Galaxies, Star Systems/Solar Systems
– Our Solar System
* Seasons and the Calendar
* Day and Night
* The Atmosphere – Just Right
* Earth’s Physical Shape and Features
* Rocks and Soils
* Climates
* Biomes and Habitats
* Weather
* Water
* The Earth Alive? – Our Stewardship Responsibility
– Doing NO Harm
– Pollution – Working to Clean-it Up
– Using Resources Wisely
– Using What Is Needed; Not Being Greedy
– “There Is Enough and More…”
– Be Righteous That the Earth May Not Mourn.
– Serving for Our Earthly Home – What We Can Do

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