Science 1 – 6 Alternate

We have chosen Dr. Jay Wile’s Science in HiStory series, Volumes 1-5, for elementary science. These volumes offer a chronology of Scientific discovery from approximately 570 BC to the end of the 19th Century. Each lesson sports background information and scientific principles as well as an activity or experiment. Additionally, they lead right into Wile’s secondary science courses and provide the background needed for success in those courses.

We recommend the Alternate courses as outlined below, if you wish to cover ALL of the Lessons in the Wile HiStory of Science series. This means including the 90 Challenge Lessons scattered throughout the series and which are a bit more difficult. These courses and this schedule would be in place of the one suggested in Science Courses 1 through Science 6.

Science 1 – Alternate: This is the same course as Science 1 & Science 2, except that ALL the regular lessons are covered in Science 1 ALTERNATE instead of just half of them. Instead of covering one lesson a week, a new lesson is covered over a two-day period, with six lessons taught in a 12 day time period. This is followed by a day 13 – A Review Day, a day 14 – a TEST DAY, and a Day 15 – A further Review and Correction Day. This scenario is repeated over the time of the course resulting in covering all regular 72 lessons, and all 12 of the tests.

Science 2 – Alternate is the same as Regular Science 3 and covers Science in Ancient Times.

Science 3 – Alternate is the same as Science 4 and covers Science in the Scientific Revolution.

Science 4 – Alternate is the Same as Science 5 and covers Science in the Age of Reason.

Science 5 – Alternate is the same as Science 6 and covers Science in the Industrial Age.

Science 6 – Alternate covers the 90 Challenge Lessons, 3 from each of the six chapters in the five books. It allows two days per lesson, and requires continued journaling of the information, the experiments, and the experimentation results. NO tests are available or required. IT DOES REQUIRE OWNING ALL 5 BOOKS. But, if you have gone through the regular lessons already, you would already own all FIVE books.

We feel that this is the better way to use the Science in HiStory series, as presenting a whole year of Challenge Lessons prepares the students well for the rigorous work of Level 7 and beyond.

Please see the regular Science 1 through Science 6 courses to learn what is covered in the Science in HiStory series.

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