Personal History II – Personal History Notebook – Online


Online – PDF & Video – Recommended for All Ages, but particularly the Foundation Years – Ages 4-7

This course includes not only personal history, but also family history. It also includes biography, not only of self and family members, but notables in many fields such as Presidents of the Country and Presidents of the Church, pioneers ancestors, and notable relatives in science, entertainment and sports, etc. Finally, it includes some geography in that the student gets to learn about his countries of origin, and the place where he was born. It is a good all-around History+ course!

Required: A View-binder, 8 dividers, a packet of Sheet Protectors, Family History info, pictures and time. We recommend doing this personal history course after the I Am A Child of God Project is completed. Also, we suggest working on this course one day a week, interspersing it with the other history-geography-government classes. This course also qualifies for something of worth you can do on Sunday!

The course varies in length depending upon the information included in the binder and the size of the family. Also: GO AT YOUR CHILD’S PACE. If he is excited about this, run with it. IF he is mildly interested, do it once-a-week. His enthusiasm will eventually emerge, especially if YOU make it exciting and do not face filling his binder as drudgery, but with excitement of discovery and enthusiasm for recording his history, his story because HE IS IMPORTANT.

The template of pages for the “Book” about the student contains one, two-page spread for siblings, but can be copied multiple times to accommodate the child having more than one sibling. The same is true of many entry pages. There is one copy in the template, but you are free to copy each page as many times as necessary to accommodate all family members.

The course comes with video instructions.

View-Binder Sections:
About Me
– Who Am I?
– My Birthday
– My Birth Place
– Circumstances of My Birth
About My Family
– My Father
– My Mother
– My Father’s Father
– My Father’s Mother
– My Mother’s Father
– My Mother’s Mother
About My Siblings
More About My Family
– About Aunts, Uncles, Cousin
– About Other Relatives
My Heritage
– Countries of Origin
Finding out about these countries and writing brief reports
Famous Ancestors and Relatives
– Who They Are & What They Did
– Use Resources of Family Search which includes “Famous Relatives,” under the activities tab. Here you will find National and Church Leaders, Performers, Scientists, Authors, Artist, Sports Figures, etc.
– CAUTION: You may find a couple hundred in these categories or few. If you have several Famous People, help your child decide if he wants to include all by naming all, or if he wants to pick and choose the ones he will include and elaborate on them a bit.
My Years – Cover each year in as much detail as you can. Ask relatives and older siblings to add to the memories of these years. Grandparents are a good resource here. Ask each to write a note to the child stating how they felt when they first saw him and their hopes for his future.
– 0-1
– 1-2
– 2-3
– 3-4
– 4-5
More About Me
– My Favorites
– My Talents
– What I Believe
– What Jesus Means to Me