PACE EXERCISES – August 12-16


The Exercises were developed by a gentleman who spent some of his childhood in the corner wearing a dunce cap!
He did NOT want that to happen to others. So, when he grew-up he researched ways that could help students learn, especially students who had a hard time learning or behaving.
He found that exercise was the key.

If a student moved and thus developed his neurological system, his brain-body connections, and pumped adequate oxygenated blood to the brain, scholarship improved. So did overall health and well-being. He developed 26 exercises which were of assistance in this endeavor. These 26 exercises are what is now known as BRAIN GYM.

THIS WEEK you will learn the FOUR PACE exercises that are done every time you do Brain Gym. The first three are the opening of the routine and the last one is the last performed. Usually in between Cross Crawl and Hook-ups there are two to four other exercises included.

But, for the first four days, you will simply be doing and mastering the art of the PACE:
* Drinking Water!!! (WOW! Who would have thought of drinking water as an exercise?)
* Brain Buttons
* Cross Crawl
* Hook-ups

To get a head start – there WILL BE A TEST ON THE 16th – go to YOUTUBE, the Ascent Advantage Academy channel. Look-up Brain Gym in the series category and learn about the four exercises.

You will need to be able to describe how to do them AND the benefits of each. HINT: Get started NOW. It takes a while to learn these and not get them mixed-up!