Orientation 4: Diving into the Courses


This short video explains how to use the videos and accompanying PDFS.

BUT WAIT – CHECK OUT the accompanying ODF. We only advertised a few subjects and there are MANY, MANY more! OH, WOW!

In addition to helping you get started in the regular Video with supplemental PDF courses, the PDF helps you see what is REALLY HERE. You see, in the days before COVID, we operated our school as a campus-based Academy. As such, we did in-person teaching in a wide variety of disciplines. We still have the outlines to the courses in many of the subjects.

Orientation, Opening Exercises, Scriptures, Language Arts, Study & Success Skills, Mathematics, History+, and Science —

We are putting on line for your perusal and use many of these other courses in:
ART, DANCE, DOMESTIC ARTS, FAMILY STUDIES, GEOGRAPHY, HEALTH & PE, MUSIC, THEATER, WORLD LANGUAGES & more. We also are including OLD courses in Math, Language Arts, History, and Science that we no longer use.

These, and other subjects which may be of interest to you, will be found after the first 10 courses in the INDEPENDENT LEARNING area. They will be listed in alphabetical order, according to subject. The courses exist in PDF ONLY.

Please note: It’s going to take a while to get them ALL updated and online, so PLEASE BE PATIENT. THANK YOU.

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