Orientation 2 – Organization of the Curriculum and What Is Where

The video explains the organiztion of the curriculum. A listing of what is where is given below the video.

What IS Where

In LANGUAGE ARTS – Phonics, Penmanship, Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary, Composition, etc and Keyboarding, Biography, Family History & Records, Theater, Foreign Languages, Independent Learning and STUDY SKILLS. STUDY SKILS is UNIT 1

In HISTORY – History, of course, and Art, Dance, Music, Theater, Domestic Arts, Homemaking Arts, Family Life and History (BYU courses on the Proclamation on the Family)

In SCIENCE – Earth, Life and Physical Sciences and Gardening, Nutrition, Food Preparation and Preservation, Health & Fitness, Dance Instruction, Domestic Arts – Safe Formulas for Cleaning etc., Technology, Engineering, Computers and Brain Gym Exercises. (Unit 1 is Brain Gym Exercises; Unit 2 – Health & Fitness Basics)

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