OPENING EXERCISES B – Prayer Chain Project – Background and Prayer Chain Template

Included in this video and PDF are the Story of Joshua and the Story of Mamie, the procedure to set-up your personal Prayer Chain Project, plus a template of Prayer Chain links to copy.

The stories of Joshua and Mamie are the true accounts of what happened when two children prayed for help with their school work. One sought help in the mid-1900’s; the other in the early 2000’s. Both stories inspire young ones to seek the help they need through prayer. Sometimes the help needed comes directly from God and sometimes it comes from others whom God sends.

Once started, even the most hardened student has cried out before going on with class, “Hey, we didn’t add to the prayer chain.” Also students are very insistent that Closing Prayers are also said, as a break in the routine of Opening and Closing prayers, even one time, means that the prayer chain gathered to that point must be taken down and a new one begun. Hence, it is very unlikely that we will miss a prayer.

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