Opening Exercises consists of four components:

1- The Devotional consisting of an opening song, a prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and any announcements. This also includes instruction and helps for homeschools as well as new teachers and Class Presidents at the Academy.

2 – The Prayer Chain Project – Initially we learn about the affect prayer can have on our learning. Then each time we have Opening Prayer and Closing Prayer, we add a loop to our chain.

3 – The Exercises – These are 30 exercises scientifically proven to improve brain integration and performance. Initially we learn the basic exercises we do each time we do the exercises plus some anecdotes about how effective and helpful the exercises have been for others. Then we learn “Routines” of 6-8 exercises and rotate them on a regular basis. We also learn the use of each of the 30 exercises.

4 – The Scripture Memorization – This verse is taken from the previous week’s Come Follow Me lesson. All students write it and work to memorize it by Friday

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