Ninth Grade Math – Intermediate Algebra


New Style Ninth Grade Math – Intermediate Algebra

Prerequisite: Passage of all Math Assessments through Seventh Grade Geometry.


1. Video lessons coming August and throughout the year.
Once they are on, they will be available 24/7.

2. Composition books for notes and assignments.

3. Supplies for the Beehive Brain Box Learning System.
(If you are unfamiliar, see Parent Classes 105)

4. Text – Optional – Art of Problem Solving Intermediate Algebra $74.00. You may find it for less at amazon or ebay or another secondhand seller.

Course Contents:

Basic Techniques of Solving Equations
Functions Review
Complex Numbers
Polynomial Division
Polynomial Roots – Part I
Polynomial Roots – Part II
Factoring Multivariable Polynomials
Sequences and Series
Identities, Manipulations, and Induction
Exponents an Logarithms
Special Classes of Functions
Piecewise Defined Functions
More Sequences and Series
More Inequalities
Functional Equations
Some Advanced Strategies