Music 1: K 4/5 – Primary Songs, Mother Goose & the Xylophone

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Music is so very important to the physical and intellectual development of each of us. The ancients counted music as one of the basic, must be included, disciplines.

Music has been shown to open-up and strengthen the learning pathways.

Students who include music in their daily lives – especially instrumental music, score higher on normed tests and do better academically and physically.

Now, this is a somewhat rigorous, but totally fun and enjoyable course – if you take your time and not try to rush things. Some students will fly through it and be ready for Music 2, while others will take their time but enjoy every minute of it. THAT IS THE GOAL: ENJOY IT.

Format: 40 minute lessons twice a week or – MUCH PREFERRRED – 4, twenty minute lessons four times a week.

Do singing two days a week and when started, xylophone two days a week. Alternating in best: Singing-Xylophone-Singing-Xylophone – Friday CHOICE

– 75 Primary Songs
– 71 Mother Goose Songs – Review if the Child took our Preschool Course, New otherwise
– Xylophone 1 course – Begins in Week 9
– Learn Rhythm
– Learn the Notes on the Scale
– Learn Placement of the Notes on the Treble Clef
– 4/4 and 3/4 Time Signatures

Required Supplies:
– Children’s Songbook published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or access to the
– WeeSing Mother Goose CD and Songbook $10.59
– HappyFishes (Small Fish) Xylophone with Mallets $15.95
– Popular 8 Note Songs by Debra Newby – 2017 Edition – $14.95

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