Mathematics 0 – Subject Introduction


After many years of using other’s canned curriculums, and never being totally satisfied, we are launching our own.  We have used elements of our own over the years and have found that students progress much faster and master more than with other systems.  We have also had great reviews on our own math courses.

First in line are Math Aids:

  • Mathematics 0-A:  Brain Gym Exercises Helpful with Math – Do one or more of these at the beginning of your math sessions.  They have been especially helpful for students who are challenged in math.
  • Mathematics 0-B1:  Sequential Processing for 1-5 Objects – This is almost a prerequisite for beginning the curriculum.  Students learn to immediately take-in sets of at first one, then two-three-four, and finally five objects, and repeat them in the correct order.  This is of great help in exercising the brain and increasing a student’s general overall performance level.
  • Mathematics 0-B2: Sequential Processing of 6-9 Objects – Students learn to immediately memorize the order of 6 through 9 objects and be able to repeat the order correctly.   This further increases a student’s overall mental performance level.

First New Courses:

  • Beginning Math for Age 3-7 – Fully Online.  PDF format only.  Best delivered to the younger set by their parent or teacher.  See Course description for details.
  • Beginning Math for Age 8 & Up. – PDF Lessons 1-60 are online. Lessons 61-180 will be coming soon (Nov-Dec, 2020) in the PDF & Video format.  See Course Description for Details.
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