MATHEMATICS 2 – MULTIPLICATION & DIVISION, Plus includes the following:
– Review of Facts, Principles, and Practices in Mathematics I
– Financial Literacy:
* The Five Lessons A Millionaire Taught Me
– Writing of Names of numbers – Regular and Ordinal
– Learn the Number of Days in each Month
– Practice Skip Counting from 2’s through 12’s
– Learn Multiplication/Division Tables through 12
– Learn Expanded Form
– Understand Multiplication and Division as the combining or separating of like groups
– Divisibility Rules and Prime Numbers
– Divide Using Prime Numbers
– Word Problems from daily life with two operations
– Area Formulas for Geometric Shapes
– Properties of Addition and Multiplication
– Distributive Property
– The Use of Parentheses
– Estimation and Rounding to a Variety of Place Values and Operations
– Mathematical Puzzles: Find Two numbers Based on their Sum and Difference; OR Their Product and Quotient
– Figure Elapsed Time
– Read Timelines and Schedules
– Introduction to Coordinate Plane; Place and Find Objects on a Coordinate Plane
– Learn Metric and Customary Units of Volume
– Convert and Change Units of Measurement
– Learn about polygons, lines, line segments and rays.
– Learn about right, obtuse, straight, and acute angles.
– Learn about parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting lines.
– Learn about translations, reflections, and rotations.
– Find areas of complex figures and those missing internal blocks.
– Understand the relationship between area and perimeter.
– Determine cost using area and perimeter.
– Work-out every life problems using multiplication and division.
– Identify expressions and equations.
– Solve equations when given the value of a variable.
– Solve equations using the Addition/Subtraction Property.
– Solve equations using the Multiplication/Division Property.
– Write equations with variables to represent word problems and solve them.
– Financial Literacy:
* Fixed and variable expenses
* Determining profit
* Compare savings options
* Budget a Weekly Allowance
* Financial Institution Vocabulary
* The Five Lessons a Millionaire Taught Me – Reprise
– Understand what fractions are and what the numerator and denominator represent.
– Work fractions through denominators of up to 100.
– Understand equivalent fractions, lowest terms, mixed numbers.
– Add & subtract fractions with like denominators.
– Writing, Adding and Subtracting Roman Numerals
– Writing numbers in numerals and words up to one trillion.
– Review the basic four operations with large up to 10 digit numbers
– Do multi-step word problems dealing with everyday situations.
– Evaluate variable expressions
– Create and interpret frequency charts and stem and leaf plots.
– Complete study of customary and metric measurement with conversion from one unit to another within systems.
– Add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions and mixed numbers
– Understand decimals.
– Convert equivalents within the decimal system.
– Convert fractions to decimals and vice versa.
– Order decimals.
– Add and subtract decimals; work inequalities with decimals; estimate sums and differences with decimals.
– Find mode, median, mean, and range and find each of the foregoing in line plots.
– Deep dive study on quadrilaterals.
– Names of different types of triangles.
– Deep-dive study of angles.
– Properties and nets of three-dimensional figures.

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